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* [[AI War:Turrets|Turrets]]
* [[AI War:Turrets|Turrets]]
* [[AI War:Warheads|Warheads]]
* [[AI War:Warheads|Warheads]]
* [[AI War:Mercenaries|Mercenaries]]
* [[AI War:Human Economical Units|Economical Units]]
* [[AI War:Human Logistical Units|Logistical Units]]
=== AI Units ===
=== AI Units ===
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* [[AI War:AI Economical Units|Economical Units]]
* [[AI War:AI Economical Units|Economical Units]]
* [[AI War:AI Devices|Devices]]
* [[AI War:AI Devices|Devices]]
=== Human Economical Units ===
* [[AI War:Metal Harvester|Metal Harvester]]
* [[AI War:Energy Collector|Energy Collector]]
* [[AI War:Matter Converter|Matter Converter]]
* [[AI War:Science Lab|Science Lab]]
* [[AI War:Hacker|Hacker]]
* [[AI War:Space Dock|Space Dock]]
* [[AI War:Starship Constructor|Starship Constructor]]
* [[AI War:Mercenary Space Dock|Mercenary Space Dock]]
* [[AI War:Missile Silo|Missile Silo]]
* [[AI War:Mobile Space Dock|Mobile Space Dock]]
* [[AI War:Engineer Drone|Engineer Drone]]
* [[AI War:Remains Rebuilder|Remains Rebuilder]]
* [[AI War:Cleanup Drone|Cleanup Drone]]
* [[AI War:Colony Ship|Colony Ship]]
* [[AI War:Orbital Command Station|Orbital Command Station]]
* [[AI War:Human Cryogenic Pod|Human Cryogenic Pod]]
* [[AI War:Home Human Settlement|Home Human Settlement]]
* [[AI War:Rebelling Human Colony|Rebelling Human Colony]]
=== Human Logistical Units ===
* [[AI War:Advanced Warp Sensor|Advanced Warp Sensor]]
* [[AI War:Harvester Exo-Shield|Harvester Exo-Shield]]
* [[AI War:Intra-Galactic Warp Gate|Intra-Galactic Warp Gate]]
* [[AI War:Mobile Builder|Mobile Builder]]
* [[AI War:Neinzul Regeneration Chamber|Neinzul Regeneration Chamber]]
* [[AI War:Rally Post|Rally Post]]
* [[AI War:Transport|Transport]]
* [[AI War:Zenith SpaceTime Manipulator|Zenith SpaceTime Manipulator]]
== Races ==
== Races ==

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AI War: Fleet Command is the flagship video game of Arcen Games, first released in 2009. Up to eight players battle a pair of rampant artificial intelligences once used by warring human superpowers, in the aftermath of the AI's near complete victory over humanity. Human players must avoid the notice of AI powers while preparing for an attack against the AI homeworlds. The game takes place on a procedurally generated galaxy map with between 10 and 120 planets in a genre splicing mix of Real-Time Strategy, 4X, and Tower Defense.

AI War is known for its gameplay depth, the behavior of its AI opponents, and strong ties between fans and creators.

More About AI War.
Upcoming and latest patch-notes.

Game Setup


Players can refer to in-game objective list (accessed through "Message Log") which is dynamically updated during play.


Ship mechanisms

AI Mechanisms





Shared Units

Human Units

AI Units


  • Humanity: only playable race in AI War, mankind was nearly exterminated by the AI and is now seeking an opportunity to land a deadly strike at its opponent.
  • The AI: seemingly created by Humans during their civil war, the AI now seems preoccupied in another galaxy with grander design than Human's remains extermination.
  • Zenith: eons old alien race only represented by its technological remains and scattered beings.
  • Neinzul: insectoid aliens of eternal children with extremely short life span.
  • Spire: mineral alien specie whose empire sprawl many distant galaxies.


AI War has six expansions which variously include additional units, critical paths, AI types, lore, and music. The game is in ongoing development and receives regular bug fixes and balance adjustments based on community feedback. Major version updates typically coincide with new expansions and sometimes fold improvements from expansion development into the base game.

  • The Zenith Remnant
  • Children of the Neinzul
  • Light of the Spire
  • Ancient Shadows
  • Vengeance of the Machine
  • Destroyer of Worlds


The links below were part of the old version of this central page. They are very useful and interesting but may be outdated.


General Gameplay

Multiplayer Co-Op


Game Setup





Ship-Specific Game Mechanics

Ship Strategies & Errata

In an average game, the player's navy revolves around groups of fleet ships supplemented by starships and support vessels. A comprehensive ship compendium is being added, of which you can currently begin browsing by visiting the basic triangle ships: Fighters, Bombers, and Missile Frigates.


Higher Difficulties Only

Design Philosophy



Player-Created Strategy Resources

Release History

Please note that there are generally prerelease beta versions available at any given time of the year, and there have been literally hundreds of those in between all of the official releases noted below.

Technical Support