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AI War: Fleet Command is a space-based RTS with incredible AI and the largest number of units (30,000+ in most games) of any game we know of. Up to eight players team up against two deadly AI civilizations in lengthy, multi-session campaigns spanning an 80-120 planet galaxy map. More About AI War

Community Wiki

The primary ArcenWiki is maintained by Arcen Games staff only, since it serves as a manual and a source of official information about the game. However, many of our players expressed a desire to contribute strategies and other play advice, so we have a public Community Wiki set up for those purposes:

Starting A New Campaign

General Gameplay

Multiplayer Co-Op






Ship-Specific Game Mechanics

Ship Strategies & Errata


Higher Difficulties Only

Design Philosophy



Release History

Please note that there are generally prerelease beta versions available at any given time of the year, and there have been literally hundreds of those in between all of the official releases noted below.

What's New In 4.0

(in development) Why doesn't the AI build turrets anymore? link to guardians

(in development) Where are the strong vrs weak data link to ref tab page

(in development) Shields are replaced by Armor

(in development) Chance to miss is gone

(in development) "CTRLS" Button - Tame your engineers and ships

(in development) I can't find the control nodes link to "CTRLS" button

(in development) Economy -- What's changed

(in development) Command station types

(in development) Res Node Upgrades

(in development) Engineers and Manufactories now run free

(in development) Engineering Units don't teleport anymore (Mk3 and Exp are the exception))

  For The Enemy (Highlights)

(in development) AI Command Stations

(in development) Guard Posts -- More types and why

(in development) Common Guard Post types

(in development) Beware the Counter Strike Guard Post

(in development) Special Forces Guard Post -- What's so special?

(in development) Core Guard Post types

(in development) Guardians: What Are Guardians? major new section

Technical Support