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This page is up to date for game version 5.033 and should still be correct.

The Ammunition Type a ship fires is the type of weapon a ship is armed with.
The Ammunition Type does not factor into the damage taken by a ship when it is hit, although a ship can be Immune to a specific ammunition type in which case that ship simply can not be fired on.
The Ammunition Type is found on the first white line of the ship description box as "Ammo: Laser" for a ship armed with laser weaponry.
Any ship abilities are not tied to the Ammunition Type and can be found on the Abilities page.

There are some Ammunition Types that have special behavior:

Energy Bomb (AOE): Several ships are equipped with a exploding version of the Energy Bomb that can strike multiple targets.
The attack strikes the initial target and then explodes striking other targets in a small range.
If a ship has the 'AOE' Immunity it takes no damage from the secondary AOE explosion, however it if is the initial ship targeted it takes damage as normal.
Energy Bomb (Plasma Siege Starship): The Plasma Siege Starship is equipped with a unique version of the Energy Bomb that also does significant engine damage on both the inital strike as well as the secondary AOE explosion.
Additionally, if the Energy Bomb strikes a Force Field, 25 units underneath that Force Field take damage equal to 6.25% damage done to the force field.
If a ship has the 'AOE' Immunity it takes no damage from the secondary AOE explosion, however it if is the initial ship targeted it takes damage as normal.
The 'AOE' immunity does not protect a ship if it is under a forcefield and will take damage if it is underneath a forcefield that is being attacked.
Major Electric: Major Electric is an AOE attack that strikes many targets that comes in two forms.
When used by a unit that immolates itself when it attacks, such as the Lightning Warhead, the attack hits all targets in range that do not have the 'AOE' Immunity.
When used by a unit that does not destroy itself upon attacking, a Major Electric attack can hit up to 200 targets per salvo. If there are fewer then 200 units in range, they start taking multiple hits from the attack, up to a maximum of 5. If there are fewer then 40 targets in range, some of the power of that salvo is wasted.
Beam Weapon (Spire): The Spire Beam Weapon is a high damage beam excellent at taking out larger ships and structures but has difficulty targeting smaller ships.
When the Spire Beam Weapon fires it targets a ship and maintains a beam for 2 seconds with the damage spread out over this time.
However, while the beam is firing it can not be adjusted and where it is targeted (both distance and angle) stays relative to the firing ship. Because of this, if either the firing or the target ship move, the damage from the later part of the beam is likely to hit nothing.
On the positive side, any damage left over after a unit is killed will re-target onto another ship that is underneath the end of the beam, there are reports of an entire wave of ships taking damage from a single beam as they emerged from a wormhole before having a chance to spread out.
The Spire Beam Weapon is only mounted on units found in the Fallen Spire Campaign.
Ships with the 'Beam Weapon' Immunity can not be targeted.
Beam Weapon (Zenith): The Zenith Beam Weapon is an AOE that can strike multiple ships in a line.
When a Zenith Beam Weapon is fired, it strikes the target ship in a direct line.
Any other ships located between the two and underneath the Zenith Beam Weapon's path also take damage, up to a maximum of 9. (The initial target plus up to 8 on the beam's path.)
Ships with the 'Beam Weapon' Immunity can not be targeted and do not take damage from being underneath a Zenith Beam Weapon's path.
Beam Weapon (Heavy Beam Cannon): The Heavy Beam Cannon (HBC) Beam Weapon is a high damage beam that will re-target mid salvo if its current target dies so there is never any damage lost to overkill, as long as another target is touched by the beam between the HBC Beam Weapon and the original target.
The HBC Beam Weapon will keep re-targeting to a new target when its current target dies as long as the beam has damage potential left.
While the HBC Beam Weapon can hit multiple ships with a single shot, it is not considered AOE and the 'AOE' Immunity does not protect a ship against this weapon.
Ships with the 'Beam Weapon' Immunity can not be targeted by the HBC Beam Weapon.

Complete Ammunition Types List

Acid: Fires an acid shot at close range. Excellent at dissolving unusual hull materials.
Antimatter Bomb: An antimatter payload that crashes into enemy ships.
Artillery: A long range, high power shot fired by the Artillery Golem.
Beam Weapon: A high power beam weapon. Different versions are mounted by the Zenith, Spire and Heavy Beam Cannon.
Blades: A direct, physical attack by one ship against another.
Dark Matter: A specialty ammunition carried by many support ships, as well as being fired by Astrotrains. Can be countered with the Counter Dark Matter Turret.
Energy Bomb: The most common ammunition type that equip bomber type units for attacking heavy defenses.
Energy Burst: A direct energy attack.
Energy Wave: A longer range direct energy attack.
Flame Wave: A fearsome energy attack that looks like it is on fire, usually mounted on heavy units such as the Fortress.
Flare: While a few units use this to directly attack, this is mainly used by defensive units to counter enemy fire, such as Scout Starships firing counter-sniper flares.
Fusion Cutter: A direct melee attack made with a fusion cutter.
Implosion: A special attack that implodes the target. This attack does damage equal to a percentage of the targets remaining health.
Impulse Reactive: An attack that sets up instabilities in the target's energy systems. The more energy the target uses, the more damage this attack does.
Ion Beam: A disruptive attack that can instantly kill ships that are weak enough. Most commonly found on the Ion Cannon.
Laser: A direct energy attack.
Major Electric: A strong, AOE attack that used in two different ways. It can be overloaded and used as a one shot weapon, such as the Lightning Warhead. It can also be mounted as a ship board weapon that fires and then reloads to fire again, such as the Electric Shuttle.
Mass Driver: A specialty weapon used to engage larger targets. Found on the Orbital Mass Driver and Warhead Interceptor.
Minor Electric: A small, direct fire electrical attack.
Missile: A longer range, usually slow, homing projectile that explodes upon contact. As of version 5.032, missiles can acquire a new target from their firing ship's target list if their current target is destroyed or otherwise no longer available. Not the parent ship's target list does not necessarily include all viable targets.
Railgun: Super fast, super long range ammunition found on sniper units, such as the Sniper Turret.
Ram: Ships mounting this type of 'Ammunition' are actually heavily reinforced and attack by ramming their target.
Shell: A basic projectile attack.

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