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This page is up to date for game version 5.032 and is likely out of date.

There are a variety of Ammunition Types fired by the ships in the AI War universe.
Most Ammunition Types are similar in that they target a single ship and do direct damage.
If a ship's description has 'Attack: 5,000' it fires a single shot per volley that does 5,000 damage to a single target.
If a ship's description has 'Attack: 5,000 x5' it fires 5 shots per volley that do 5,000 damage each. If there are multiple targets these 5 shots will hit different targets but if there is only a single target in range, all 5 shots will hit the same target.

The following Ammunition Types are unique in some way:

Electric Shuttle AOE: This AOE hits up to 200 targets in range. If there are fewer then 200 targets in range, all targets in range start taking multiple hits, up to 5 hits per target. If there are fewer then 40 targets in range, some of the damage potential is wasted as they have no valid target.
Lightning Warhead AOE: This AOE hits all targets in range once.

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