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What exactly is added in the Ancient Shadows expansion?

A: The main anchor feature is Champions, which is basically our take on the "hero unit" concept from other RTS games. Champions are the only units that can travel into the newly-added backwater nebulae that are inhabited not by the AI but by various Human, Zenith, Neinzul, and Spire splinter factions. There are also new bonus ship types, AI types, map styles, core guard posts, modular fortresses, a new minor faction, and a lot more music from Pablo Vega. This expansion is slated for official release on Friday, October 19th, 2012.

Champions and Nebulae

A player slot can now be occupied by a "Champion" that controls a single modular super-starship. Champions can gain experience, and with experience can upgrade modules. More importantly, the champions have the unique ability to travel through "nebula" wormholes, and interact with the splinter factions of Humans, Zenith, Neinzul, and Spire that are found in those nebulae. Successfully helping a splinter faction can (among other rewards) unlock whole new lines of modules and even new and bigger hulls that your champion can switch to. For the lore-inclined among you, these "offroad" scenarios also reveal more of the backstory through journal entries.

  • Note: adding a champion to a singleplayer game is easy: just set your player role to "Normal+Champion" and you'll be given both the normal human home command station (and related units) and the champion unit.

New Bonus Ship Classes

(To Be Announced as they are implemented)

New Minor Faction

(To Be Announced when implemented)

New Core AI Guard Posts

(To Be Announced as they are implemented)

New Player Units

Modular Fortresses.
  • These are similar to the massive and expensive fortresses already available to players, but are modular.
    • Can mount Needler, Laser, MLRS, Missile, Shield, and Heavy Beam modules.
    • Further, the modules are not directly researched but become available through the corresponding turret/forcefield research.
    • Variants based on Zenith, Neinzul, and Spire tech are also available as rewards from nebulae.

New AI Types

(To Be Announced as they are implemented)

New Map Styles

(To Be Announced as they are implemented)

New Music Tracks

The expansion has 98 minutes and 5 seconds of music in all. Here's the full track list:

Chapter I: The Human Awakening

  • 1. Arise Sleeping Warriors
  • 2. An Unfamiliar World
  • 3. A War Worth Fighting
  • 4. Ambitious Design
  • 5. AI Revolution
  • 6. Ancient Shadows

Chapter II: The Zenith Revival

  • 7. Immortal
  • 8. Imminent Annihilation
  • 9. Inquisition Of The Stars
  • 10. Incarnate Race
  • 11. Imitated And Integrated
  • 12. Ironclad

Chapter III: Revenge Of The Spire

  • 13. Waking To Darkness
  • 14. Worshipped Wasteland
  • 15. Watching The Night Sky
  • 16. Whispers Of Hope
  • 17. Wrath Of The Spire
  • 18. Welcome To The End

Bonus Track: 19. Ancient Shadows - Title

Other Miscellaneous Additions

New AI Types means new achievements, and there will probably be achievements for champions-related stuff, etc.