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When will the third expansion for AI War be coming out?

A: The latest release schedule for all Arcen products can always be found on the left sidebar of the main Arcen site, under the Release Schedule section.

As far as what the expansion--The Spire of Light--will contain, that is largely still unknown. The current "anchor features" are planned to probably be a scenario editor as well as "environmental effects" like asteroid belts, nebulae, comet showers, etc -- but even that is not yet for sure.

Why the uncertainty? Well, we get a lot of idea submissions from our community, and new things occur to us all the time, too. When it starts time to actually work on the third expansion, we're going to sit down and look at all the features suggested, and decide on what makes the most sense based on the time available, what people are most interested in at the time, and how the game has evolved through the free DLC between now and then.

In general, the third expansion is expected to have a similar amount of content to the first expansion, if not more. Unlike the second expansion, which is to be a charity-focused micro-expansion, the third expansion will be another full-blown expansion. And community involvement will be a key thing with it, same as it was for the first, of course.