AI War:Botnet Golem Minor Faction

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Somewhere in the galaxy lurks the broken hulk of the terrible Botnet Golem. If found, captured, and repaired it can inhale entire waves of AI attack ships and turn them into tireless (if uncontrollable) defenders of humanity.

This Minor Faction adds a unique broken Botnet Golem. Just like the other Broken Golems, it must be captured, repaired with Metal and powered with Energy to be turned into its functional version.

This golem is so powerful it is its own, separated minor faction. See its dedicated page for detailed information about its special ability.


This minor faction has three different difficulties. If multiple difficulties are activated, the harder takes precedence.

The EASY version of this minor faction simply places the golem on the map and does nothing in the way of benefit to the AI. Consequently, your adjusted score is also halved.

The MODERATE version of this minor faction causes the Botnet Goelm to require a high amount of energy to run and makes reactivating the Botnet result in an intense AI Progress increase.

The HARD version of this minor faction causes the Botnet Golem to have its normal energy requirement and cause no AIP when reactivated. However, whether or not you choose to capture the golem, the AI periodically launches large exogalactic strikeforces against you -- so you're highly advised to get the golem in order to survive.

Please note: the only thing that changes with intensity for Botnet Golem (Hard) is the strength of the exogalactic strikeforces, and cranking this up high could result in an extremely difficult and/or annoying scenario.

Enabling both the hard version of this minor faction and the hard version of the Broken Golem will result in two distinct exogalactic strikeforces charging and launching separately.