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Massive broken golems can be found around the galaxy, ready for humanity to capture and repair them. Once repaired, they represent enormous power to use against the AI.

This Minor Faction adds approximately ten Broken Golems on a 40-80 planet map.

A Broken Golem is an immobile structure that players need to capture and repair (each broken hull requires a huge amount of Metal to be brought back online). Once repaired, and if the controlling player has enough Energy, the broken golem turns into its functional version: a mobile military ship with very high health and firepower or a special ability. See their individual pages for detailed information of their specific strengths.


This minor faction has three different difficulties. If multiple difficulties are activated, the harder takes precedence.

The EASY version of this minor faction simply gives you the golems with nothing in the way of benefit to the AI. Consequently, your adjusted scored is also halved.

The MODERATE version of this minor faction gives you the golems at a moderate energy cost and with a small AI Progress increase upon repairing them from their broken states.

The HARD version of this minor faction gives you the golems at their base energy requirements with no AI Progress cost to repair them. However, whether or not you choose to capture any golems, the AI periodically launches large exogalactic strikeforces against you -- so you're highly advised to get some golems in order to survive.

Please note: the only thing that changes with intensity for Broken Golems (Hard) is the strength of the exogalactic strikeforces, and cranking this up high could result in an extremely difficult and/or annoying scenario.

Botnet Golem

The Botnet Golem is has an ability so powerful that it is part of a separated minor faction with its own difficulty setting.