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Be Careful. Sharp.

WARNING: this article contains a lot of spoilers.

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The Exodian Blade Minor Faction contains a plot, a super-powerful ship, and an alternative way to win. The whole story can be divided into four stages.

The "Normal" Stage

Right at the start of the game, you would receive the first "Exile" signal, which would show how many hops the (broken) Exodian Blade is away from a certain planet. Occasionally you would receive more signals indicating how far away the Exodian Blade is from a newly captured planet.

One can also use the Exile Survey Hacker on an AI planet to figure out how far away the Exodian Blade is. The hack itself is cheap and fast, but you would probably want to narrow down the possible positions first.

The list of detected exile signals is visible on the galaxy map by choosing "Exile" displaying option.

Be prepared if you located the Exodian Blade and plan to take the planet.

The "Nasty" Stage

After you capture the planet, the Exodian Blade will reveal itself and asks you to bring around 200,000,000 metals to bring it back online. Also it will need 500,000 energy to operate.

Also, the AI will start sending exogalactic attacks targeting the Exodian Blade every half an hour.

Therefore, you will probably want to do the following (ranking from higher priority to lower) right after, or even before, capturing the Exodian Blade:

  • You would probably want to get an offensive Golem and some Spirecrafts to guard the Exodian Blade against the strikeforces by their own. Otherwise you will have to place a good deal of defenses and fleets there and you will have a more difficult time launching your own offensives or defend other planets. Artillery Golem and Botnet Golem does not fall into the "offensive" golem category because they are unable to hit certain types of ships. Regenerator Golem is unlikely to help as well as it needs other ships to function.
  • Due to the high amount of energy required, controlling a Zenith Power Generator before bringing the Blade online is strongly advised. Usually the Zenith Trader should have visited your planets before you locate the Blade, and you can buy one there. You can also capture "free" ones from the AI.
  • If you have knowledge to spare, upgrade your harvester to Mk-II (or even Mk-III) to produce more metal. This usually does not prevent you from running out of metal, but the more the better.
  • Seek other allies to somewhat relieve your burden. Examples include: Botnet Golem, which turns AI wave fleets into energy-free zombies defending your territory, Spire Civilian Leaders, which help you reduce AI Progress while you wait for the Blade's recovery, Dyson Sphere, which produces gatlings for your defense, etc.

This stage is quite nasty as you would be running out of metal for an extended period (usually two or three hours), hence being slow to rebuild your own defenses and fleets. You will also have to fend off multiple strikeforces trying to kill your broken Exodian Blade. However, if you do manage to bring the Exodian Blade back online, it will become the single most powerful ship ever in the galaxy.

The "Awesome" Stage

Once you fully repair the Exodian Blade, it asks you to bring it to an exogalactic wormhole on an AI Homeworld, where it will end everything.

Exodian Blade has Ultra-Heavy armor, 27,000,000 health, 1,000 armor, and a beam weapon with 4,000,000 damage and 23,000 range (!!!). It even has a 22,000 radar dampening range, and ignores other ships' radar dampening effect, meaning that most ships -- including guard posts and other structures -- does not have a single chance firing at it, unless in very, very huge numbers. It can tear through multiple planets with ease, finish off dire guardian lairs and other otherwise-nasty defense combos with almost zero problem, or defend hacking-response reinforcements/waves by its own. It is super slow, though, only having a speed of 36, and cannot be boosted.

As soon as the Exodian Blade is online, the AI would be very upset and would send strikeforces targeting the Exodian Blade every 5 minutes. But usually you won't have a problem since the Exodian Blade can simply finish them off by its own. The strikeforces usually -- but not always -- ignore your important assets, e.g. ones with Advanced Factory or Core Fabricators, which otherwise they would destroy in prejudice.

As long as you can repair it and have enough energy to keep everything functional, you can start playing more aggressively. Still, do not get AI Progress too high.

Despite its request to bring it to an AI Homeworld, sending the Blade there, or even to an AI Core World, unprepared, is usually a bad idea. The reason will be explained in the next section.

The "Glory-or-Death" Stage

When the Exodian Blade reaches an AI Core World, the AI will panic and send in strikeforces with hundreds of mixed ships every minute.

When it reaches an AI homeworld, the AI will send in strikeforces every ten seconds from the exogalactic wormhole there. The Blade alone can almost never stand for long without your help.

So, be sure to throw in everything you have (because you won't need them anymore thereafter), and take the final battle seriously. Defensive Spirecrafts such as Spirecraft Martyrs and Spirecraft Shield Bearers are recommended. You may even want to take the AI Homeworld and lay down defenses before actually starting the wormhole assault.

As soon as the Blade reaches the wormhole, it will (literally) remove both AI Homeworld planets from the galaxy map, and congratulations, you win!