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Fleet ships make up the bulk of both the Human and AI military forces. There are a huge array of ships in the game and its expansions. The majority of which will not be available to both the Player and AI during a single game.

Overall Strategy

Players will start with only four combat fleet ships, the three standard fleet ships and a single pre-chosen bonus ship, as well as a scout. As the game advances the player will have several opportunities to acquire additional bonus ship types from the AI, either by hacking into and downloading a AI design off of a Design Backup Server or by capturing a Advanced Research Station.

The AI on the other hand has access to multiple bonus ships from the start, based off of RNG but also its AI Type.

Standard Fleet Ships

These below ships are always available for both the Humans and AI, the exception being the Drone is Human only. For further information what each ships strengths and weaknesses are please view their info page.

Scout Drone
A unarmed, cloaked ship that can gather intelligence on enemy planets.
Inexpensive fighter with a small attack range. Counters Bomber class units.
Inflicts high damage on certain heavy enemy defenses. Very effective against shields and enemy command stations. Counters Missile Frigate class units.
Missile Frigate
Fires powerful, long range, missiles. Slow rate of fire. Counters Fighter class units.

Stock Bonus Fleet Ships

These bonus ships come with AI War by default. No expansions needed.

Bulletproof Fighter
Standard fighters upgraded with armor that repels all shell-based fire.
Tachyon Microfighter
Tiny fighters best in swarms. Reveals any cloaked enemy ships they come near.
Fast ship able to bypass many standard defenses such as mines and tractor beams.
Reclaims enemy ships it kills (reclaimed ships have health = half damage inflicted by reclamator).
Vampire Claw
Close-combat ship that repairs itself when it damages enemies. Unless issued a specific command by its controller, it will automatically attack nearby enemies.
Large, blazing-fast cloaked fighter good against lightweight ships, and excellent for kiting.
Great for weakening targets at extreme distances.
Space Tank
Very heavily armored with low speed and range, but a strong attack. Excellent against heavily defended targets in the same manner as bombers.
Electric Shuttle
Slow moving, but emits lightning into ALL nearby enemy ships. Stronger than their stats look in midsize-to-large groups.
Vorticular Cutlass
Spinning blade mass crashes into enemies, damaging itself and them, straight through their armor. Unless issued a specific command by its controller, it will automatically attack nearby enemies.
Passes through force fields and fires small, armor-piercing shots. Best in huge swarms.
Eye Bot
Acts as a scout, passes through force fields, and is missile-proof. Has cloaking and cloaking booster abilities like regular scouts.
Spider Bot
Extremely effective at damaging the engines of enemy ships.
Laser Gatling
Fires low-power lasers at a high rate. Best in large groups.
Autocannon Minipod
Extremely fast cloaked ship with short-range rapid fire attack. Excellent against heavy targets, but weak to opposing fleet ships.
Attractor Drone
Very long range electrical attack. Protects nearby allied ships by reducing the power of incoming lasers to 1/4 their normal power.
Space Plane
Cloaked fighter excellent for bypassing enemy defenses (such as mines and tractor beams), with special onboard radar-dampening equipment that makes it impossible for ships to hit it if they are beyond a certain range from the plane.
Blazing fast cloaked fighter that can grapple an enemy ship and drag it.
Shield Bearer
Does relatively low damage, but has high health and provides a mini force field to protect allied ships. Its force field does not reduce the attack power of protected ships.
Armor Ship
Weak firepower but heavily armored; excellent against most small craft.
Anti-Armor Ship
Excellent for attacking enemy armor and other targets at high range.
Multiple Launcher Rocket System fires multiple mid-power rockets.
Munitions Booster
Strong fighter in its own right, it also gives an attack bonus to nearby ships on your team.
Teleport Raider
Fast raiders able to traverse space in an instant.
Teleport Battle Station
Teleporting battle station fires multiple lightning shots.

The Zenith Remnant Bonus Ships

Grenade Launcher
They launch mid-power grenades over a medium distance, and the grenades explode and deal area damage to enemies. These are less potent per-impact compared to AutoBombs, but they also don't have to be rebuilt constantly. Combined with a good set of complementary ships, these can really wreak some havoc.
Sentinel Frigate
Expensive but powerful long range snipers, albiet with a slow bullet travel time. Also comes with a built in advance warp sensor.
Armor Booster
A strong fighter in its own right, also grants a 2x armor boost to any nearby ships.
Impulse Reaction Emitter
Attacks with ammo that reacts with enemy energy sources, doing much higher damage to ships with higher energy use. Most fleet ships have relatively low energy usage, which means that the impulse reaction emitters aren't all that handy in a big battle of small stuff. But what tends to have high energy costs are the more valuable support ships: starships, engineers, heavy defenses of various sorts, constructors and resource ships, transports, and so on. The impulse reaction emitters excel at killing those sorts of specialized targets.
Acid Sprayer
Most of the Zenith ships have organic components, as the Zenith aliens' technology is based around that for the most part. These acid sprayers were developed as a specific counter to that sort of technology. Their short-ranged acid attacks are excellent at dissolving organic components, making them a natural counter to most Zenith technology.
Zenith Bombard
These ships are wicked expensive, but are also extremely long range, moreso than anything in the base game on both counts. They pack with a big punch, too. They have only moderate hull health, so if you bring them into too close of combat they won't fare well, but from a distance these guys are absolutely unmatched.
Zenith Auto Bomb
These units are unique in that they are suicidal, and die on impact, dealing area damage. In many ways, they are like miniature, AI-Progress-free lightning warheads.
Zenith Electric Bomber
These huge bombers are almost like starships, they have so much health and attack power. Squads of these can do the job of a vastly larger fleet of normal bombers. These things can be an absolute terror in the hands of the AI, too.
Zenith Mirror
High health cuboidal ships with low damaging weapons. However any non-missile weapons that strike this ship are defelcted back to ship that fired on it, as well as amplifying the damage of the attack.
Zenith Paralyzer
A weak ship in most respects sans its one unique ability, their attacks apply paralysis to their target, stopping and stunning targets for a extended period, good support ship.
Zenith Beam Frigate
Fires a high power beam that can strike up to nine enemy targets at once.
Zenith Chameleon
Similar to bombers, but with a unique cloaking system. Whenever this ships is not moving or firing it disguises itself as a piece of floating space junk, while cloaked it cannot be targeted by hostile ships. Also immune to anti-cloaking devices.
Zenith Polarizer
Unique anti-armor ship. The more armor a ship has the more damage this ship deals to it.
Zenith Viral Shredder
Melee ship unit. When it deals damage it accumilates build points, when it has enough points it creates a new shredder on the spot.

Children of the Neinzul Bonus Ships

Unique to Neinzul Bonus ships is that they all are very cheap to produce but they slowly lose life over time, unless they are stationed inside a Neinzul Regeneration Chamber or a Assault Transport.

Neinzul Youngling Commando
A fighter-scout with mid-power short-range guns. Great against large defenses.
Neinzul Youngling Nanoswarm
Actually composed of billions of microscopic organisms, this "ship" has no conventional weapons and attacks by ramming targets and exploding. This explosion damages 4/6/8/10/12 ships (depending on Mark), including the target. More importantly, the now-liberated microscopic organisms will work together to take over the damaged vessels. They are unable to do further damage to the ship after the explosion, but can reclaim it once it is sufficiently weakened.
Neinzul Youngling Tiger
The heavily-armored Neinzul version of a tank, with huge amounts of armor and firepower, but the lowest lifespan of any Neinzul ship.
Neinzul Youngling Vulture
This low-powered ship is very effective at finishing off high-health targets when mixed into a regular fleet, but it's weak against enemy ships that aren't wounded.
Neinzul Youngling Weasel
This inexpensive, low-powered ship attracts all incoming missiles to itself from the nearby area.

Light of the Spire Bonus Ships

Spire Stealth Battleship
Powerful battleship with onboard cloaking options as well as a portable radar dampener that makes enemy ships have to be in very close range to hit it at all.
Spire Teleporting Leech
Large teleporting ship fires lightning shots. Reclaims enemy ships it kills
Gravity Drainer
Large, slow ship slows the movement of enemy ships near to it. Also has devastating short-range lasers.
Gravity Ripper
Large, high-health, slow ship temporarily halts the movement of enemy ships with every hit of its short-range, rapid-fire energy bursts. Best used in combination with other ships to keep fast targets from escaping.
Spire Mini Ram
This miniature battering ram specializes in high-health targets, crashing into them for high damage and destroying itself in the process. Unable to hit smaller ships.
Spire Tractor Platform
Large, slow alien vessel is bristling with small guns but most importantly many tractor beams. This has obvious defensive uses, but can also be used to hold enemy ships at bay while longer range allied ships take them out.
Spire Maw
Huge alien vessel that swallows transportable enemy ships and gradually attritions them. If the maw is destroyed, they are ejected with whatever health they have left. External guns also fire at targets at short range while it chews on the swallowed ships.
Spire Blade Spawner
Large central ship has weak guns, but continously spawns smaller independent blades that crash into enemy ships.
Spire Armor Rotter
Shots do fairly little damage, but eat away at the armor of ships they hit with each shot. Ship armor gradually regenerates over time (it takes up to 10 minutes to fully regenerate, depending on how much armor the target has), but cannot be directly repaired. Thus the armor rotters can create a window of opportunity for other ships to strike high-armor ships.

Ancient Shadows Bonus Ships

Tackle Drone Launcher
Has guns of its own but primarily attacks by launching small tractor-equipped drones.

The drones fly in a straight line dragging any enemy they can tractor along with them and explode when they run out of fuel (happens much faster once they engage the tractors) or hit the edge of the gravity well, dealing damage to up to (5*drone level) nearby targets. The drones are thus very effective at taking smaller ships out of the fight but can not affect Tractor Immune ships.

Fires hostile nanites at enemy ships. Unlike reclamation nanites, these focus on overloading the target's power systems with the goal of causing it to explode violently. This target does not go critical until its health is reduced to zero normally, but once that happens it will explode and damage up to 40 nearby friendly (to the exploding ship) units.
Zenith Medic Frigate
Moderately large frigate with capable weaponry, but the main point of a medic frigate is the multiplex repair beam emitter that allows it to heal nearby ships.
Zenith Siege Engine
Moderately large vessel built around an outsized plasma siege cannon. The ship does not have enough power to both move and keep the weapon online, so it must remain immobile for a full reload cycle before it can fire. When it fires, however, the enemy will feel it.
Zenith Reprocessor
A larger, specialized version of the Acid Sprayer, this ship's shots actually "metabolize" the enemy target. When the target dies, a percentage of the target's metal construction cost will be granted to the player that did the most reprocessing damage to it. The more reprocessing damage the ship has taken, the larger the percentage of resources reprocessed. Can damage ships immune to reclamation, but can not reprocess them.
Neinzul Scapegoat
Mature Neinzul organism without the short lifespan of a Youngling. Capable combatant in its own right, but also sacrifices itself to regenerate military fleet ships on the same planet when they take critical damage. Very different from other fleet ships in that the individual ship stats are identical in all ships across all marks, but higher marks have higher ship caps.
Neinzul Youngling Firefly
Small, short lived ship that builds up a charge as it successfully attacks other units. When it dies it explodes violently to damage up to 20 nearby enemy units. The explosion damgae done to each victim starts at one quarter the strength of the Firefly's normal shot, but increases with the charge the ship has accumulated, up to a maximum of 5 times the strength of Firefly's normal shot.
Spire Railcluster
Large Spire fleet ship mounting multiple short-range railcannons. Highly effective against very small ships.
Spire Corvette
A starship-class vessel developed by retrofitting the smallest Imperial Spire combat design with human technology. Has a moderately powerful photon lance, but can also mount a small number of modules.

Vengeance of the Machine Bonus Ships

Lightning Torpedo Frigate
Has modest firepower in its own right, but primarily attacks by launching miniaturized versions of the Lightning Warhead (that do not increase AIP when detonated, of course). Spawns one Lightning Torpedo per mark level every 6 seconds.
Protector Starship
Small starship-class modular vessel designed to defend other ships via passive and active defensive systems.
Zenith Devastator
A powerful starship designed by the Zenith during their ancient wars against the Spire (who heavily rely on shields). Its shots completely ignore forcefields (though the devastator itself does not ignore forcefields). Cannot target small ships.
Zenith Hydra
A potent short-range combatant that breathes (plasma) fire and rapidly regenerates its own health when not under fire.

Also, as a hydra takes a certain amount of total damage it will spawn a separated "head" that attacks independently for a short time before self-destructing.

Neinzul Youngling Shrike
A fast-attacking cloaked raiding ship.
Neinzul Railpod
Mature Neinzul organism without the time-limited lifespan of a Youngling. The railpod is basically an organic railcannon, with effectively infinte range. The downside is that firing the cannon does tremendous damage to the railpod itself, generally destroying itself after only two shots. Despite this limitation, railpods can contribute significantly to "burst" damage either defensively or offensively, and a group of space docks loop-building these with engineer support effectively becomes a large artillery battery.

Destroyer of Worlds Bonus Ships

Lightning Starship
A starship-class unit built around an enormous generator that fires electric bolts into up to 200 nearby enemy ships. Can concentrate full power against any group (of eligible targets) larger than 40. Against groups smaller than 40 some of the power is wasted.
Is initially fairly weak, but can swallow enemy ships whole and uses those to power up its own guns.
Translocator Starship
A starship-class unit equipped with multiple medium-ranged railguns that displace targets further away.
Neinzul Combat Carrier
Periodically while enemies are present, this ship produces a group of special short-lived "drone" attack ships. Rather than the Enclave Starship's Needler, Laser, MLRS, and Missle drones, the Combat Carrier produces Beam, Rail, Spider, and Grav drones.