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As part of the new emphasis on faster starts and keeping the game moving your starting economy is much stronger. Your typical income without economic upgrades will be almost double what it used to be, meaning you can field far more ships, faster, including starships.

  • The starting human outpost now contains:
    • Home Command Station
      • Home Command Stations now generate 300/s metal and crystal rather than 80/s.
    • A special MkI forcefield that covers a much larger area (but has the same durability as a standard MkI)
      • Can not be rebuilt if destroyed
    • A Space Dock.
    • A Starship Constructor.
    • One Energy Reactor.
    • Ten each of metal and crystal manufactories.
      • Manufactories now cost no energy to operate, but are inefficient, consuming 12 of one resource to get 8 of the other.
    • On higher difficulties a mercenary space dock.
      • Mercenary units are now equivalent to Mk4 player ships. However, they cost 10x more to build and have a ship cap 3x higher than the player Mk4 equivalent
    • In multiplayer games, a mobile builder
    • Depending on difficulty (the higher the more), a number of the new Home Human Settlements and Human Cryogenic Pods.
      • Home Human Settlements give metal and crystal in exchange for energy, cannot be rebuilt, and cost AI Progress (AIP) if they die
      • Human Cryogenic Pods generate energy and cost AIP if they die

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