AI War:Human Colony Rebellions

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Most Human settlements have been destroyed or completely subdued, but every five or so hours one will rise against the machines. However, these civilians are always outmatched despite their enthusiasm. If you do not help them take back their planet, they will die and AI Progress will go up massively. Save them, and their unique production facilities are yours to use.

This Minor Faction periodically spawns one Rebelling Human Colony somewhere in the galaxy. This will remain cloaked for approximately two hours, at which point it will decloak and the AI will attempt to kill it. Fortunately, the player will get a notification about its presence as soon as the timer starts. Unfortunately, it is often located many jumps into AI territory, making it hard to reach, harder to save, and extremely difficult to secure. Oftentimes, this means using Cloaker Starships and Transport Ships to reach and secure the planet, then using Warp Jammers to keep the AI from attacking that planet.

Note that against some AI Types, (particularly the Counter Spy, One-Way Doormaster, Shadow Master, Raid Engine, and Neinzul Nester) this might be particularly difficult and/or unbeatable due to the massive AIP increases and possibly the death of your fleet.

Capturing the colony will provides players with the ability to build Resistance Fighter/Bombers and Resistance Frigates. Failing to defend it in time causes a massive +100 AIP increase.

Only available on maps with at least 30 planets.

Turning up the intensity in the lobby will increase the spawning frequency of rebel colonies.