AI War:Human Resistance Fighters

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Pockets of human allies still live in deep space around AI planets; when they see you attacking the AI, sometimes they will reveal themselves and join you.

This Minor Faction will periodically cause roughly fifty to one-hundred allied (but uncontrollable) Resistance Fighter/Bombers and Resistance Frigates. These ships are extremely fast, powerful, and durable. (These ships are the same as those produced by the Rebelling Human Colony.) Note that these ships enter from the outside of the system and do not initially appear from wormholes.

The AI for these resistance ships is similar to that of zombies - they will roam player planets and look for hostiles, but will very rarely attempt to attack hostile AI planets - They're blind, which means they require player scouts to be able to see. They also won't go out of their way to avoid the Devourer, so if that is enabled expect to lose these periodically.

This is a good minor faction for new players, as it provides the occasional minor benefit at no cost.

Turning up the intensity in the lobby will increase the spawning frequency and number of allies spawned.