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The old MiniMap that used to be in the top right corner of the Planet view has been replaced with a larger display-on-demand minimap that has several new features.

  • There are three ways to access the new minimap while in planet view:
    • Hold the "T" key (reprogrammable from the Settings/In-Game Keys/Show MiniMap)
      • This Method has an additional new "PEEK" feature outlined below.
    • Hold Middle Mouse Scroll + Left Shift key (the Left Shift Key is reprogrammable in Settings/Planet View)
      • Using this method allows very fast zooming and moving around of the main planet view. Try it.
    • Clicking the "MAP" button in the lower left hand corner will now (if in planet view) pop-up a brief menu with a button for switching to the galaxy map, and a button for displaying the minimap.
      • Using the "MAP" button will keep the minimap displayed until you click the "MAP" button again, or hit "T" (or whatever you've bound Show MiniMap to).

MiniMap Rings

The outer ring on the minimap indicates the area where ship speed will slow down the further out you go, eventually reaching a speed of 1.

The inner ring Indicates the buildable limit and is also the outer limit where transports can unload.


  • The "Show MiniMap" keybind "T" (not the middle-mouse-scrolling one) can also be used to "peek" at a planet by holding it and mousing over a planet in the Galaxy View (it will display the minimap for that planet) The "peek" tool obeys the usual rules for current visible Intel, etc. For example, if you are playing "full fog of war" and have no ships or scouts on a planet the "peek" minimap of that planet will not reveal anything.

Q Is there a way to rebind the new minimap to the thumb button on my mouse?

A Probably, yes. If you go under input bindings and find the minimap key, there is a mouse option. Click that, then press the thumb button, and that should do it if your mouse labels it's thumb button anything less than "button six." I'd expect it is button four or five.

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