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Disclaimer:This is much less descriptive than than the other minor factions page. This is older and inferior to the other page. Click on this link to be directed to the correct page: [[AI War:Minor Factions|The correct page]]<br/>
Disclaimer:This is much less descriptive than than the other minor factions page. This is older and inferior to the other page.  
Click on this link to be directed to the correct page: [[AI War:Minor Factions|AI War Minor Factions]]<br/>
Minor factions are small forces that can be enabled from the game's lobby.
Minor factions are small forces that can be enabled from the game's lobby.

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This page is a work in progress. Some information may not be up to date, difficult to read, unfinished, etc.

Disclaimer:This is much less descriptive than than the other minor factions page. This is older and inferior to the other page. Click on this link to be directed to the correct page: AI War Minor Factions

Minor factions are small forces that can be enabled from the game's lobby.

Minor factions can be enabled in any combination with each other, and in combination with the usual AI types, plots and map styles. These minor factions exist on planets from game start, or arrive from hiding deep space. Some grander minor factions adds story-driven missions, often featuring risks and rewards, that the players can follow or safely ignore.

Minor factions tend to add a bit more complexity to the game, so they are not recommended for new players on their first campaign or two. By default, all of the minor factions are turned off and must be turned on when players are ready for them. If new players really want a minor faction to play with, the Human Resistance Fighters, Zenith Traders, and Zenith Dyson Spheres are generally the easiest to deal with. Note that, on the other hand, some combinations (Dark Spire and Devourer, for example) can dramatically affect gameplay.

Base Game

The following minor factions were added in AI War 3.0 and are available in the base game.

Human Resistance Fighters
Pockets of human allies still live in deep space around AI planets; when they see you attacking the AI, sometimes they will reveal themselves and join you. (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).
Human Marauders
Hostile human vagabonds who live in deep space will occasionally raid human or AI planets via traditional propulsion methods (and thus come in from the edge of a system, not a wormhole). (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).
Human Colony Rebellions
Most Human settlements have been destroyed or completely subdued, but every five or so hours one will rise against the machines. However, these civilians are always outmatched despite their enthusiasm. If you do not help them take back their planet, they will die and AI Progress will go up massively. Save them, and their unique production facilities are yours to use. (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).

Zenith Remnant

Added by the expansion The Zenith Remnant.

Zenith Traders
These alien traders are happy to do business with anyone who can pay. They travel around the galaxy, providing special ships (for a hefty fee) to both human and AI players alike.
Zenith Devourer
This indestructible Devourer Golem makes its way slowly around the galaxy, absorbing all of the non-core mobile military ships (including scouts) on planets it visits in order to power and repair itself.
Zenith Miners
Every four hours or so multiple Mining Golems will appear from deep space on player and/OR AI planets, and will consume those planets unless they are destroyed before they complete their task. The destruction of a planet won't harm player or AI ships, but destroys the planet itself and all resource gather points on that planet. This also prevents you from getting supply on that planet for the rest of the game.
Zenith Dyson Sphere
The massive Dyson Sphere Golem exists at one of the AI planets, and is basically a massive fortress that will attack humans and AIs alike. However, if you free the planet from the AI, the sphere will realize your benign intent and will help you fight the AI on nearby planets. If you take the planet for yourself, the sphere will attack you until you give up the planet. (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).
Broken Golems
Massive broken golems can be found around the galaxy, ready for humanity to capture and repair them. Once repaired, they represent enormous power to use against the AI. (Can be set as easy, medium or hard).
Botnet Golem
Somewhere in the galaxy lurks the broken hulk of the terrible Botnet Golem. If found, captured, and repaired it can inhale entire waves of AI attack ships and turn them into tireless (if uncontrollable) defenders of humanity.

Children of the Neinzul

Added by the expansion Children of the Neinzul.

Neinzul Rocketry Corps
This Neinzul Encalve departed the galaxy years ago, but left Neinzul Warhead Silos scattered around the galaxy that will periodically fire on human planets when their planet is on alert.
Neinzul Preservation Wardens
The Wardens are enthralled by ancestral memories of the great beauty of the celestial realm with its many stars and planets. They are horrified by rapid resource extraction and will use force against offenders. |-
Neinzul Roaming Enclaves
Various individual enclaves periodically wander through this part of the galaxy, some acting as an ally to the AI, some as an ally to you, some attacking everything in sight. (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).

Light of the Spire

Added by the expansion Light of the Spire.

Fallen Spire
"Minor Faction" is something of a misnomer, as enabling this opens up nothing short of a whole new way to play the game. If you pursue the goals it sets before you, it's much more like a scripted campaign and allows more frontal military confrontation of the AI than the standard game. You choose how far to pursue the "campaign" events, and you face the consequences for those choices, but if followed all the way through this leads all to an alternate way to win. If you survive.
Spire Civilian Leaders
Up to 10 Spire Civilian Leader Outposts are scattered throughout the galaxy in the control of the AI. Against their will, every hour each outpost increases the AI Progress by 1. You have the choice of either destroying these outposts for colluding with the AI, or freeing the outposts by capturing the planet from the AI. When freed, each of these outposts will gratefully decrease the AI Progress by one every hour.
Six different kinds of asteroids are seeded around the various planets of the galaxy, waiting for you to use your Spire Mining Ships (CONST tab) to build mining enclosures on them. From these mining enclosures, you can produce the rare and deadly Spirecraft ships, which cannot be procured any other way. These massive ships can be an enormous asset against the AI.

Ancient Shadows

Added by the expansion Ancient Shadows.

Dark Spire
Several mysterious, ancient structures exist on AI planets throughout the galaxy. They cannot be harmed, and do not have any weapons, but they absorb energy when a ship dies on the same planet. What happens when they absorb too much? (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).
Alt. Champ. Progress
Normally champions gain experience and unlocks by doing various off-map nebula missions. This is very enjoyable for some players, but others either do not enjoy them or do not want to take their attention from the main map to advance their champions.
Alt. Champ. Nemesis
This faction is intended to provide an interesting counterbalance to the benefits gained from using champions with alt-progress (since the normal champion counterbalance is disabled when alt-progress is on). You may still use it if you are not using alt-progress, if for some reason you just need more pain in your game.

Vengeance Of The Machine

Added by the expansion Vengeance of the Machine.

Showdown Devices
Seeds four mysterious devices on various planets. Controlling all of them simultaneously long enough to activate them will allow you to completely block the AI's means of transporting reinforcements to our galaxy. Could that be your key to victory?

Destroyer Of Worlds

Added by the expansion Destroyer of Worlds.

Nomad Planets
When Planets Attack! (Can set intensity of faction from 1-10).
Exodian Blade
Be Careful. Sharp.