AI War:Rebelling Human Colony

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This page is up to date for version 8.024 and should still be correct.

Rebelling Human Colony
A formerly captive city filled with living humans. AI progress will skyrocket by 100 if this is destroyed.

These civilians have decided to rebel, and have erected a temporary invisibility cloak while they call for aid. When the cloak dissipates, they'll be vulnerable to attacks from the AI, and surely won't last long. When the city is captured by the humans, your entire team can use their facilities to build rebel ships. While you hold the planet on which they are located, their invisibility cloak will remain at full power.

Produces 110 metal per second.

Can build Resistance Fighter/Bombers and Resistance Frigates.

This special building is part of the Human Colony Rebellions Minor Faction and can only spawn if that minor faction is enabled.

Base Stats

Ammo Type Armor Type Immunities Damage Bonuses
Command-Grade Dark Matter Ammo, Fusion Cutters, Attrition, Tractor Beams, Reclamation, Being Scrapped

Damage Attack Range Reload Health Armor Speed Engine Health Single Ship DPS Abilities
0 0 0 sec 50,000 20 0 Inf 0 dmg/sec Captured On Planet Ownership Change, Requires Supply