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Spirecraft are a combination of ships that are either Human/AI recreations of Spire ships, or are actual Imperial Spire ships. Spirecraft are a step above Starships but below a Golem. They were introduced in the Light of the Spire expansion.


The Spirecraft form a Minor Faction. These Spirecraft can be produced from asteroids seeded around the galaxy via a Spire Mining Craft. The minor faction comes in three difficulties but they all seed many minable asteroids in the galaxy that must mined in order to be used, of note is that you do not need to own the system the asteroid is located in order to mine it. The easy difficulty does nothing to balance the presence of the spirecraft; the moderate difficulty increase their Energy cost and the hard difficulty makes the AI periodically sends Exogalactic Strikeforces. Each spirecraft can be of one of the following type.

Spirecraft Shield Bearer
This Spirecraft projects a powerful force field around it to protect itself and any allied ships. Any ships within the shield do not suffer any damage reduction to their attacks.
Spirecraft Ram
A specalized ship designed to destroy high health targets. Will ram itself into a single target, causing extreme damage, but also destroying itself.
Spirecraft Martyr
This Spirecraft has no guns, but instead has a large array of tractor beams. When this craft is destroyed all enemy ships within its tractor beam range will take massive damage.
Spirecraft Attritioner
While this ship has poor weapons, it makes up by dealing high attrition damage to all enemy ships in the system every second. However this ship will alert every single ship on the planet who will all attack.
Spirecraft Scout
Unique scouts that are perma-cloaked. However they move very slowly and will quickly lose health on a AI held planet that is a mark level above them. Better served as a recon unit to free up dedicated scouts than as a dedicated scout.
Spirecraft Ion Blaster
This Spirecraft is essentially a mobile Ion Cannon. Its mark level determines what it can instant kill. Lacks the range of a fixed Ion Cannon but is as deadly in all other respects.
Spirecraft Penetrator
Perma-cloaked ship that houses a extremely powerful cannon. The ship must be ordered to fire manually, and when it does it is unable to fire for thirty minutes.
Spirecraft Implosion Artillery
Long range artillery Spirecraft that deals damage to targets based on their remaining health, deals best damage against fully healed targets.
Spirecraft Siege Tower
A slow moving, low range, mobile battlestation. Can take a lot of damage and dish it out.
Spirecraft Jumpship
A expensive, small capacity, transport ship that can rapidly teleport through wormholes and systems. Suffers no attrition damage when out of supply, but the ship will rapidly expire within twenty seconds on a planet with a higher mark than the ship.