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The strategic reserve is a large pool of points that each AI has, that can be used to spawn a group of Mk V ships in important worlds in response to human presence. These ships will defend the world they spawn in, but will not leave. If all human forces depart or are destroyed, the reserve units will un-deploy, turning back into abstract points. Points accumulate as time passes. The point cap and rate of accumulation are based on difficulty and AIP, capping out at around 200 AIP. Destroying reserve ships lowers the current total. Only the AI that owns a world will deploy the strategic reserve to that world.

The reserve can be deployed in certain worlds, and only when an AI command station is present:

  • The SuperTerminal world - Will deploy enough units to bring the reserve down to 90% of max. This means up to 10% of points can be spent.
  • Core Worlds - Down to 70% of max.
  • AI Homeworlds - The entire thing. If the points pool is exhausted, reserves will resume spawning when the pool reaches 25%.

Additionally, cross planet attacks draw a portion of their strength from the strategic reserve, as well as using ships already present in the galaxy. In this case, the units are spawned at the current AI tech level.

Enabling "Lazy AI" in the lobby disables the strategic reserve.

Reservist AI

The "Reservist" AI type has a larger strategic reserve than other AI types (a 3× higher point cap), PLUS it will deploy the reserve more often. It will deploy up to 10% (down to 90% remaining) for worlds with Advanced Factories, Advanced Starship Constructors, and Core Shield Generators. [To check: Does it deploy on worlds with Fabricators but no Core Shield Generator?]

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