AI War:Zenith Devourer

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This nigh-indestructible Devourer Golem makes its way slowly around the galaxy, absorbing all of the non-core mobile military ships (including scouts) on planets it visits in order to power and repair itself.

This Minor Faction adds a single Devourer Golem somewhere in the galaxy. It is only available on maps with at least 30 planets. This indestructible golem randomly roams from planet to planet.

The Devourer randomly roam the galaxy and attack any available target, either AI or human. Its immense firepower makes it able to destroy everything within its attack range in a very short time. It is considered more harmful to the AI than the players. Human fleets must be moved around to dodge this golem's random movement. AI Reinforcement, Threat Fleet and Special Forces (but Riot Control Starships) are swiped when the golem encounters them.

It does not target the following:

  • Cloaked Units
  • Structures & Immobile ships
  • Nonmilitary Units
  • Golems
  • Mk V and Core ships