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These alien traders are happy to do business with anyone who can pay. They travel around the galaxy, providing special ships (for a hefty fee) to both human and AI players alike.

This Minor Faction adds a single Zenith Trade Ship somewhere in the galaxy. It is only available on maps with at least 30 planets. This indestructible and harmless golem randomly roams from planet to planet.

As the ship roams the galaxy, both the AI and players can buy structures to build on the planets it traverses.

Human Trades

When the trade ship is on a planet on which players have Supply, they can select it and build structures listed above on the planet the trader currently is. As with regularly built structures, the energy cost is immediate, but the metal cost is linear over time, so expensive structures like superfortresses can be built even if the player cannot afford their massive price. As usual, constructions can be paused or accelerated with engineers.

Inventory Available To Humans:

AI Trades

The AI does not build the way that the player does, but will sometimes purchase upgrades or additional structures for existing AI planets as the Trader leaves that planet.

Inventory Available To AIs: