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-The metal/crystal produced by ships now scales upward with increased numbers of players.

-The "ship level" text that is shown with the far zoom image of ships is now prerendered and always sorted by texture, putting significantly less load on older graphics cards when vast numbers of ships are onscreen at once.

-The color of the "core" ship level is now a bright red instead of the soft purple that it was before.

-The rendering of control group numbers (when Ctrl is held down) is now prerendered, putting significantly less load on older graphics cards when vast numbers of control-grouped ships are onscreen at once while Ctrl is held down.

-The loading of music tracks has been revamped rather heavily, to allow for more efficient streaming off of slower/burdened hard drives.

-The F3 text now shows what percent complete playback is of the current track, and it also shows what the next music track will be and how far along it is.

-The far zoom icons for ships now fade out when they are going through wormholes, same as their zoomed-in counterparts do, thus making it easier to tell when a ship is going through a wormhole on far zoom.

-Previously, when right-clicking a full-health ship with an engineer that was in attack-move mode, the engineer would stay in attack-move mode. This was different from right-clicking a ship that was in need of repairs, and is now fixed.

-Advanced Research Stations now show up in the button that lists Science Labs.

-The abbreviated names for Fighters, Bombers, Cruisers, Snipers, and a few other minor ship types are now more readable.

-When ships are moving towards an enemy ship that dies, previously they would continue inwards even after the enemy ship was removed. Now they instead stop where they are, to avoid mistakenly taking them into danger for no reason.

-Ctrl+Comma and Shift+Comma no longer center the view on the selected ships.

-CounterSpies and Ion Cannons are now better at automatically choosing their targets, and they also now switch targets more quickly after insta-killing each target ship.

-Ion cannons and counterspies now ONLY fire at lower-level ships and cloaked ships respectively. This makes it so that the ion cannon noise is much more meaningful, in the sense that it means it is insta-killing ships if it is firing at all.

-Anti-Starship Arachnids now properly show their strength against starships in their Strong Vs. list.

-Previously, after the application was loaded or refocused, the screen would blip the first time that Alt or F10 was pressed. Fixed.

-A new "Totals" button on the galaxy map shows stats for how many planets and ships are held by the local player, allies, and enemies across all planets. This information is of little strategic value, but it does provide an interesting indicator of the overall progress of a given campaign.

-Missle Silos have been added as a new type of constructor for players to build.

-Nuclear Missiles and EMPs have been added as very expensive missiles that can be built at the missile silos.

-Deflector Drones and Shield Bearers now absorb EMPs (it does not paralyze them, and in fact it heals them instead).

-Shield Bearers are now immune to nuclear explosions.

-All Starships and core ships are now immune to nuclear explosions and absorb emps.

-It is now less likely for starships to be included in any given reinforcement that an AI does. In recent releases, the AI has been having way too many starships at the highest-level planets.

-The crystal cost of vampires has been quartered, since they were previously too expensive to be useful.

-The sound effect for nuclear explosions has been improved somewhat—there is now a third component to it, a dying grumble that lasts until the whiteout is gone.

-The way that dangerous ships are calculated for player planets is now much more sensible. Pretty much everything but mines and astro trains is now counted.

-In a change from the prior release, the metal and crystal costs of mark iii and iv ships no longer scale up so much as they previously did. Basically, those costs are back to how they previously were.

-EMPs now (temporarily) disable mines as well as force fields.

-Engineers, Mine Layers, and Mobile Builders now have mine avoidance.

-Engineers are now able to remove enemy mine remains in an automated fashion.

-The AI now handles cloaked ships better, only de-cloaking them when it is at the target it wishes to shoot.

-Cloaked ships now re-cloak twice as fast after decloaking.

-Advanced Research Stations can now be used to unlock technologies, and they also are now (very, very slowly) mobile.

-On AI Difficulty 5 and up, the AI now uses smarter targeting.

-Previously, the AI Tech level would never go down after it was increased, even if the AI Progress was later reduced. The AI Tech level is now able to go down if the AI Progress is reduced.

-The AI Tech level now increases more slowly for AI players, giving the human players a little more breathing room.

-Up to 2 billion license keys are now supported, increased from the previous cap.

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