AI War 2:Defining your own planet names

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To set up your own file of planet names, you need to create a new directory, place your planet names in that directory, then tell the game about those names.

These instructions assume you have the game installed at ~/AIWar2 (you might instead have it installed at C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\AIWar2 or something like that, the procedure is the same).

  • First go to ~/AIWar2/GameData/Configuration. This is the base directory with all the XML data contained in various subdirectories. We are interested in the PlanetNames directory. In the PlanetNames you will see a bunch of directories for existing sets of planet names; Kahuna's Real Stars, Cities_UK, etc... You want to create your own directory (lets say NewPlanetNames), then create a file called NewPlanetNames.txt inside it. Put your planet names in that text file, one planet name per line.
  • Then you need to tell the game to look at NewPlanetNames when reading the XML. Go to ~/AIWar2/GameData/Configuration/PlanetNameType and open the file CMP_PlanetNameType.xml. You'll see a number of entries, one for each of the sub directories in the PlanetName directory.
    • Don't edit this file! Instead, you need to make a new file in that directory called NewPlanetNameType.xml whose contents are similar to the CMP_PlanetNameType.xml entries. It should look like this.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

  <planet_name_type name="NewPlanetNames" display_name="New Planet Names (this is the name the Game shows)" subdir="NewPlanetNames"                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
          description="Some new planet names from a modder. Text within these quotes is shown to the user when they hover over the option in the map lobby." />  

  • Note that it's possible to just change the contents of one of the existing txt files in PlanetNames (and the CMP_PlanetNameType.xml file), but those changes will be overridden the next time Steam updates things, so its safest to define your own