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AI Risk Analyzers

Throughout the galaxy, there are up to 10 risk analyzers. Every hour, each risk analyzer on an AI occupied homeworld will increase the AI Progress by 1, as they begin to correctly estimate the player. The human player may destroy them for a fixed +10 AI progress, or capture a planet with risk analyzer to cause it to reduce AI progress.

After 40 minutes into the game, the risk analyzer will begin allocating resources towards sending exogalactic strikeforces. The speed and strength of these special waves is increased if the planet is not controlled by the AI, with a risk analyzer feeding the budget about ten times as quickly should it be in human hands.

Dyson Sphere

If the Dyson Sphere's intensity is high enough, the AI will periodically spawn Dyson Antagonizers that will cause the Dyson Sphere to turn hostile toward you. If there are multiple high intensity Dyson Spheres the AI will spawn Antagonizers for each of them. But any antagonizer will make all the spheres hostile. Lots of Dysons can be a scary proposition.

Turning the intensity up to 8 will allow the AI to spawn Dyson Antagonizers.