AI War 2:Making Quick Starts

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How to make a quick start

Go through the custom lobby and set things up just the way you want. Start the game, then immediately save (at 0 seconds elapsed).

Now quit the game and find your save file; it will be in ~/AIWar2/PlayerData/Save/<Your campaign name>. Rename the file from (or whatever name you used to save it) to ""

Copy the file into ~/AIWar2/GameData/QuickStarts2/Community

Now you'll want to create a tooltip file so people will know what sort of game they're getting into. The tooltip file is names YourQuickStartName.tooltip.

So at the end of this you have a file called and YourQuickStartName.tooltip in ~/AIWar2/GameData/QuickStarts2/Community. Now you'll be able to find that quick start under the "Community" section of the Quick Starts menu

If you have one you really like then upload the save and tooltip to the forums and they might get added to the base game!