AI War 2:Dark Zenith

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Dark Zenith

It looks like some powerful race has twisted a clan of Zenith into their agents. You can tell they once were Zenith, but now they only exist to destroy all other life in the galaxy. These Zenith are also eerily reminiscent of the Dark Spire. Any force powerful enough to twist both the Spire and Zenith to their own ends is to be feared!

Short Version

During the game, the Dark Zenith can invade. This will create some new planets in the galaxy, populated by a very angry group of Zenith. Are you tired of implacable foes yet?

If you have both the Dark Spire and Dark Zenith enabled then your life will be even more exciting; all members of the Dark Alliance seek to destroy everything.


The Dark Zenith begin with a large invasion force, but it uses a powerful economic engine to build more units. The DZ have several types of economic structures.

  • Terminii are used to create new resources. The fundamental resource is Metal, which is harvested and stored at the Metal Terminus. Transports then move the Metal to other Terminii, which transform resources into more powerful resources. The resource types are Metal/White/Green/Blue/Red/Black.
  • Epistyles take the resources produced by Terminii and build powerful units from it.
  • Some Epistyles are piratic, and will hijack resources bound for other Epistyles.