AI War 2:Defining your own planet names

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To set up your own file of planet names, you need to create a new directory, place your planet names in that directory, then tell the game about those names.

These instructions assume you have the game installed at ~/AIWar2 (you might instead have it installed at C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\AIWar2 or something like that, the procedure is the same).

  • First go to ~/AIWar2/GameData/Configuration. This is the base directory with all the XML data contained in various subdirectories. We are interested in the PlanetNames directory. In the PlanetNames you will see a bunch of directories for existing sets of planet names; Kahuna's Real Stars, Cities_UK, etc... You want to create your own directory (lets say NewPlanetNames), then create a file called NewPlanetNames.txt inside it. Put your planet names in that text file, one planet name per line.
  • Then you need to tell the game to look at NewPlanetNames when reading the XML. Go to ~/AIWar2/GameData/Configuration/PlanetNameType and open the file CMP_PlanetNameType.xml. You'll see a number of entries, one for each of the sub directories in the PlanetName directory.
    • Create a new entry that looks like

 <planet_name_type name="NewPlanetNames" display_name="New Planet Names (the display name is the name the Game shows)" subdir="NewPlanetNames"                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
         description="Some new planet names from a modder. Text within these quotes is shown to the user when they hover over the option in the map lobby." />  

  • Note that it's possible to just change the contents of one of the existing txt files in PlanetNames, but those changes will be overridden the next time Steam updates things, so its safest to define your own