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--WinterBorn 20:55, 23 February 2014 (UTC)

Manufactories have been replaced as a build-able game object by the "Max Resource Conversion" setting. The conversion process is inefficient at 1.5 units of the abundant resource consumed per 1 unit of the scarce resource produced. Conversion only happens when you run out of one resource not when you max out one at 999,999. Spend your resources or loose them.

To access open the "CTRLS" tab at the bottom of the screen. Near the Lower center of the "Galaxy Wide" page you will find "Max Resource Conversion" with a edit field below (default value is -1). The default of -1 means unlimited conversion of the abundant resource to the exhausted resource. Setting the value to 0 turns off resource conversion. Setting a positive number (say 900) will create an upper limit to the conversion rate. Negative numbers less than -1 can not be entered.