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What Technologies Should I Unlock If I'm New?

Q: The tutorial mainly just covers mark upgrades, and there's so much more research to get. Early on, should I focus on mark upgrades? Should I get a starship early or wait? Basically I'm a bit at a loss of what research I should focus on first.

A: The game is basically build-your-own-civilization, and so there is no one best answer. Ultimately, you'll unlock technologies that match your preferred play style, or (especially on harder difficulties) the situation at hand. Upgrading the mark levels is pretty key in most cases, because it gets you more ship cap, and therefore more ships to use. However, some people play the opposite and unlock the Starships instead. That lets you really have smaller fleets, but with powerful starships at the center of them. Or you can find something of a balance there.

It's a good idea to avoid unlocking too many turrets or defensive techs until you really need them. Although, some people find that mobile repair stations and/or transports are something of a must-have for their play styles. It depends on what you really want to emphasize. If you go the starships route, a popular line is the flagships-to-Zenith-to-Spire route, because those are the most powerful starships you can get, and they really pack a punch. But the AI is good at defending against just them, so it's very smart to pair them with a reasonable fleet as well.

Here are some example unlock paths for the early game, though, until you find what you prefer:

4.0 changes a lot of this with lots of free unlocks and a shift to requiring starships. My thoughts on the evolution of this page will be added below --WinterBorn 23:30, 2 December 2010 (UTC)