Basic XML modding

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XML (Extensible Markup Language) used to create ships, structures, tweak AI difficulty and more.

XML syntax requires all tags to be closed (unlike HTML) all tags look something like this <tagName: stuff here if need be>. with every single tag you create or 'open' it must then be closed. tags can be closed in one of two ways. either like this: <tag1 /> or like this .<tag1> </tag1>. this allows tags to be nested with tags like so:



The most common mistake when XML modding will probably be forgetting to close a tag somewhere in your mod and there is very little to tell you where the offending tag is. (if you are XML modding and a big error message shows up it's probably due to forgetting to close a tag). (also please note there are some weird things with mod loader currently and partial records (overwriting) through XML mods so take care when using partial records).

for creating a new starting fleet create an XML file. the name doesn't matter just make sure it's an XML file. and put it in: AI War 2\GameData\Configuration\FleetDesignTemplate or put it in a new XML mod folder and then FleetDesignTampate like: AI War 2\XMLMods\anyNameYouWant\FleetDesignTemplate