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Exos are the remote-piloted vehicles controlled by the player in Bionic Dues. There are six different exo types, each with specialized strengths and weaknesses. Each exo starts out in the normal form, and can be upgraded to an Epic form by completing a mission with a Bahamut Device.

At the start of each game the player selects four exo types, which will then be used throughout the game. During a level, the player can switch exos at the cost of a turn. Destroyed exos will be automatically replaced at the end of the level; however, losing all four exos in a level results in mission failure and the loss of one point of HQ health.

Exo Shields Weapons Power Sensor Range Stealth Actions Bonuses
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170 / 340* Laser Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher
Plasma Rifle, Volatizer
100 / 120 8 / 10 10 +60% Shield-related stats
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200 / 400 Dissolver, Shotgun, Pistol
Kinetic Burst Weapon, Volatizer
80 / 100 8 / 10 10
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170 / 340 Welding Laser, Light Machine Gun
Kinetic Burst Weapon
100 / 120 10 / 12 12* +50% Propulsion-related stats
Splash damage immunity
Can fire while stealthed
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100 / 200 Laser Rifle, Pistol
Chain Gun
120 / 150 12 / 15* 15 +6 hacking points*
+50% Computer-related stats
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130 / 260 Light Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher
Plasma Cannon, Shadow Torpedo Launcher
120 / 150 10 / 12 5
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130 / 260 Gamma-Ray Laser, Laser Rifle
Railgun, Plasma Rifle
100 / 120 10 / 12 12 +4 sight range
  • does not include percentage-based intrinsic bonuses

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