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strategy suggestions

doors/false walls

they are as simple as they are deadly. had one to many encounters with a stupid blaster bot or tesla bot on the other side shooting me the moment I step through it. yeah, blame it on carelessness... =D so here some ideas how to avoid that:

  • if it's a door, walk through it cloaked, it's often worth spending those precious points on it, cause this way you will never lose an exo and use the intel you have to plan on how to engage the enemy
  • stand 1 tile to the side of the door in question and shoot it with a long range weapon. do this with a ranged AoE weapon like a rocket launcher -> it's fun
  • use volatizer (assault, brawler) or shotgun (brawler) to blast away the door and all obstacles with it (if att range/splash range or damage isn't sufficient you might still have to suffer a painful exo loss...
  • place a sentry turret 1 tile before you, now shoot the door open, the bots will tend to shoot at your sentry, and your sentry turret can start clearing any bots it may encounter. can get messy if enemy uses some AoE (area of effect) weapon

enemy bots in stealth mode

hide bot and stealth bot can haunt you in stealth mode, which can be deadly or depending on which difficulty you play maybe just outright annoying. so here is what you can do:

  • they have very limited ammo so you could just place sentry turrets around you and whistle. they'll come and start shooting at those turrets. use this to either let them run out of ammo or pin point their location and shoot them in any which way that seems appropriate to blast them off the face of the earth. =D
  • alternatives could be using mines -> personally find them often just bothersome despite their significant tactical advantage... just not my style. or if you are suspicious of bots in stealth nearby you could just clear a room with a shotgun or AoE weapon...

always have a science exo

here is why your team should always consist of at least 1 science exo

  • while tuck's ability is nice, a science exo with some focus on sensors will quickly reveal almost the entire map. (just doors/false walls will hinder your view) also unlike tuck you'll actually see bot locations as well.
  • there are up to 8 hackable doors in a regular mission (around 17 for a hacker mission). so having hacking is crucial in getting some extra loot as well as having some refill stations at hand.
  • they excel at hacking but, seriously have you ever tried putting sentry turrets on it? they can clear maps entirely on their own this way. think of assassination or lion's den missions! just focus on +trap skill, +%propulsion related and +sentry turrets. you'll be able to build up an army of heavy hitting sentry turrets.
  • virus can be a lot of fun. consider stacking up on it, combined with the fact that using the virus ability doesn't force you to decloak like a weapon shot otherwise would, it can be pretty awesome to turn some boss bots against their own kind, or that bad ass doom bot. make him fight for you. also bear in mind while a ninja exo is also able to pull this off, he'll have less virus points and I personally believe his ability to shoot while he is in stealth mode is more valuable and should be put to use to sneak kill any annoying support bots like that command bot or leader bot. oh while we are at it, it can be fun to use the virus on those support bots. it's nice to have that extra shields, or +50% attack...

the pistol is your friend

at range 5 it's use is fairly limited, however, boost it's attack range and you'll be able to immobilize and then take down almost all bots. take a doom bot for example, an otherwise deadly foe that you can basically make fun of and dance around in front of once hit by the powerful clearly unjustly discarded pistol! make sure you have some worthwhile high dmg weapon that has sufficient range to deal with the immobilized enemy bot. now the only ones that will still be bothering your are the ones with extreme range... like blaster, tesla and few more I can't recall.

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