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Basic Tips

Doors/False Walls

As simple as they are deadly, these things block line of sight and sensors until they're destroyed - but walking through or destroying them carelessly will often result in your exos receiving a nasty surprise.

  • Walk through doors using stealth. This allows you to see what's on the other side and plan how to deal with any foes that are behind the door.
  • Destroy the door/wall from a distance, using a long-range weapon like a rocket launcher. This has the added bonus of potentially damaging enemies on the other side, and with enough distance, your exos will be out of range of most bot's weapons.
  • Get close to the door/wall and use a short-range area-of-effect weapon, like the Stealth Exo's Welding Laser. This can, again, damage enemies on the other side of the door/wall.
  • Place sentry turrets just outside the door/wall before you pass through it so they can provide support.

Enemy bots in stealth mode

Hidebots and Stealthbots both share the unique ability to hide from sensors - which can be anything from an annoyance to outright fatal. Here's a few ways to deal with them:

  • Utilize mines and sentry turrets - then, whistle to lure the bots into your trap.
  • Hit the area you believe the stealthed bots are in with an area-of-effect weapon such as the Siege Exo's Rocket Launcher. Do note that this could be a waste of ammunition.

Always have at least one Science exo

While you are free to mix and match exo choices, the Science exo will provide a huge advantage to your team for a number of reasons:

  • Extremely high sensor range - while this can be replicated to a degree with Tuck's ability, his ability won't actually show the area around the mission objective - while the Science Exo's naturally high sensor range will - only being hindered by walls and doors.
  • A large number of hacking points. Nearly every single mission will have a number of hackable doors - and everything behind those doors will be a benefit to you and your exos - whether it's loot crates or refill stations.
  • Several computer slots allow for the use of items such as mines, turrets, and viruses. While other exos can utilize these items, the high computer stats of the Science exo means it will be able to get the most out of them.
  • Is one of two exos that has the Pistol - a free-action weapon that disables a bot's movement permanently. This allows the player to then deal with the offending bot at their leisure. Best paired with an effective long-range attacker, such as the Sniper exo.

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