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TLFBoarineIcon.png Boarines
Alignment Neutral
Ship strength
Ground strength 2
Construction speed 1.5
Shipbuilding speed 0.9
Research speed Slow
Population growth Slow
Solitary, territorial... Not a good idea.

Solitary, beastly loners. Good in a fight, but their solitary nature leads to rather thin populations. Usually not one of the major players in the solar system, but if you can convince them of the virtues of a federation, they can be a good way to backdoor in other races.


The Boarines generally keep to themselves and tend to resent outside assistance, which can lead to tension with the Andors. At the same time, they are also fairly capable in warfare if it comes down to that.

The nature of the Boarine government and society limits the deals the player can undertake with them. However, they do have the unique ability to manipulate relations between other races (but not themselves) into improving or worsening, for a significant credit cost.


Each planet belonging to the Boarines has a regent who runs it. The regent uses her best judgement to determine where priorities should lie; the current situation of her planet and her race are her sole concern when it comes to brokering political deals. Regents' priorities are based entirely around the environmental, medical, economic, and public order ratings for their planet. If you can improve those ratings, then you may put them in a position where they feel the best protection for themselves is solar unity. In such a circumstance, they become an extremely useful ally. Bribes increase your influence with their race.

The Solar Unity regent priority is required to have the Boarines elect to join the Federation (without resorting to special deals with the Skylaxians or Andors. Assassinating the current regent can see in a successor with a different priority - but of course has a lot of other effects as well, often undesired ones.

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