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TLFBurlustIcon.png Burlusts
Alignment Evil
Ship strength
Ground strength 8
Construction speed 0.7
Shipbuilding speed 0.9
Research speed Slow
Population growth Fast
The Burlusts were at constant war, empires rising and falling. We could not allow them to threaten us.

Warlike and volatile race, ruled by an unstable hierarchy of warlords. Quick to fight, but also sometimes to a fault; predictable aggressiveness can be a form of weakness. Fortunately. The only way to deal with them politically is through bribes, blackmail, and duels.




Your Credit is useless here. The Burlusts respond only to Bribes, Blackmail, and Duels. You can find bribe items by raiding pirate bases, and you can purchase blackmail goods from the spy-probe-happy Evucks -- but only if the Evucks sufficiently dislike the Burlusts, and like you. Both of these kinds of items help gain you Leverage over specific warlords. Each Burlust planet has a Prime Warlord and two Secondaries that are vying for power. Occasional internal intrigues lead to "accidents." The only thing that matters against Burlusts, ultimately, is Leverage. You can gain this on specific warlords through the aforementioned ways.

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