Nebula: Gray Spire Cluster Found

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Champion size when encountered: Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser

Factions: Grey Spire vs. Malfunctioning Dyson Gatlings

Tactics: Upgrade to Laser modules at the large Grey Spire starbase. Then kill as many gatlings as you can, protecting the spire fleet and making sure your shields don't die. Don't hesitate to retreat, either; you will have to.

Reward: Spire hull/mod fort, spire production facility: 25 mc/s, 75,000 e, 3 Illumin 3 lightseeker 1 Dawn. Experience is based on damage to the starbases, and gatling kill count. You also get up to 25 dyson gatlings of your very own, depending on how many you killed. These are irreplaceable, but nice.