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TLFPeltianIcon.png Peltians
Alignment Good
Ship strength
Ground strength 0.01
Construction speed 1
Shipbuilding speed 1
Research speed Slow
Population growth Medium
Communal agrarians. Weak, like animals. They had no business with us.

Communist agrarian race. Weak, furry, and rather resembling barn owls. Usually very easy to sway to your wishes, but they are absolutely pathetic in ground combat, and not always the best in a space fight. They are quite good at suicidally bombing the heck out of enemy planets, though. So there is that.


The Peltians are relatively weak in military terms, and will be absolutely massacred in a ground invasion of their planets. On the offensive, however, they can use their suicide pods to trade 1:1 with enemy soldiers regardless of the target, and have access to three unique techs that can give them up to 125 times the planetary bombardment strength of the other races.

They have a wide range of deal options, and provide a fairly easy way to start the Federation with the Create Federation for Safety deal.


Each planet belonging to the Peltians has its own Collective, with a Spokespeltian that acts as an organizer only. Dealing with the Peltians is very unusual, however -- they have no interest in anything that your Credit can yield. The only thing that matters to them are their own Voting Proxies, which you can earn by doing friendly actions for them. Basically, every time you earn 1 influence with them, you also earn 1 voting proxy. Oh, and you can also bribe the spokespeltian to gain voting proxies, too. A little corruption never hurts.