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BDPistolIcon.png Pistol
Categories Projectile Weapons
Damage 40
Range 5
Ammo 32
Area of effect none
Exos Brawler, Science

Short Story: free action, disables enemy movement, 3-turn cooldown.

Long Story:
The old MurTech MkVI "PebbleProjector" Pistol was the worst weapon in the galaxy. Customer feedback was torrential. Mainly from next-of-kin.

In fact, the MurTech Complaints Department received so many letters that a counter deep within the Inefficiency Engine overflowed into negative numbers. The explosion atomized many Complaints executives and led to a truly remarkable event: the first, and last, documented case of MurTech efficiency.

The resulting "KneeSeeker" model has the invaluable benefit of disabling the movement of any bot it hits. Further, firing the weapon is a "free action" because the other bots are too surprised to respond. The weapon itself is so astonished that it EMP's itself for 3 turns.


Extremely handy utility weapon, especially with range buffs.

  • Any enemy the player outranges can be killed without risk by immobilizing it.
  • Immobilizing enemies in a corridor can easily block it and keep large mobs from overrunning the player (and set them up for a good AoE shot besides). Since the Pistol does not use a turn, you can stop even enemies that have enough range to reach you (step around a corner with stealth, fire pistol, then walk back into cover).