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*Objectives, including 1 or more of:
*Objectives, including 1 or more of:
**Destroy all flagships
**Destroy all flagships
**Destroy at least X flagshpis
**Destroy at least X [[Ships|flaghips]]
**Dock with station for X turns
**Dock with station for X turns

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Player combat occurs between the player flagship, and one or more races, pirates, or anti-federation rebels/assassins.


  • We-go style turn-based action in a top down space shooter.
  • Special abilities from Hydral tech
  • Objectives, including 1 or more of:
    • Destroy all flagships
    • Destroy at least X flaghips
    • Dock with station for X turns


Combat can largely be avoided through using dispatches, but can also be skipped (for a price) during the battle (except the first battle) at any time by clicking the auto-resolve button in the lower left corner.

  • Strength for auto-resolve counts all techs, abilities, and allies in the battle vs the strength of all foes to determine how the battle is resolved
  • For each ability that you have in your posession, you get a multiplier to either your hull strength or attack strength, and then also to your autoresolve power. They are broken out by category:
    • Direct Weapons: 1.01 to attack, 1.1 to autoresolve.
    • Offensive: 1.005 to attack, 1.05 to autoresolve.
    • Operations: 1.005 to hull, 1.05 to autoresolve.
    • Specialty: 1.004 to hull, 1.04 to autoresolve.
    • These apply whether or not you have them actually equipped.
  • Notes on specific mission types:
    • If you auto-resolve the deliver-spacefaring-tech mission, it treats it as if you alerted ALL of the spy probes.
  • The following scenario types have max turn caps for auto-resolve that makes them always winnable, even if they do take a really long time:
    • Freighter Convoy: 999
    • Destroy Pirate Base: 999
    • Smuggle In Resistance Fighters: 999
    • Raid Pirate Convoy: 999
    • Raid Hydral Technology Lab: 999
    • Capture Civilian Outpost: 999
    • Capture Technology: 999
    • Quest: Scientist Defection: 999
    • Quest: Attack Detention Facility: 999
    • Quest: Bring Something To Race While Blocked By Another Race: 999
    • Deliver Spacefaring Tech: 500
    • Quest: Deliver Technical Documents: 500
    • First Encounter: 100

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