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The Thoraxians are a race of aggressive insects. Their society is centered around a hive queen that controls the whole population of workers and soldiers via the hive mind. Thoraxians live mostly underground with only several buildings reaching the surface. They are only controllable by the AI.


Thoraxians possess a lot of underground buildings and even if they possess some buildings on the surface their main city remains below. This makes it difficult to know the exact size of an Thoraxian city. They have strong power cells and hatcheries that boost their birth rate and energy. Their most unique building is the tunnel entrance. Tunnel entrances are used as a cheap way to transport soldiers to far places and Thoraxians can built these very near to enemy cities. A player should immediately destroy them because they can use the tunnel entrances to raid a city.


Thoraxians are a rather aggressive race and the AI tries to build tunnel entrances near enemy buildings and as close as possible to the city center. They use these tunnels to extend the range of their barracks and sending soldiers far away where other races cannot reach with their military buildings. This gives Thoraxians an advantage in combat and giving them the ability for fast raids without risking their military buildings. It is also to note that Thoraxians do not generate any kond of planetary rage even if they create pollution.

Strategic Advice

If you are near a Thoraxian city, immediately build guard posts and other interceptor buildings. Thoraxians can send a lot of soldiers against your building from even a single tunnel entrance. If a tunnel entrance pops up near your buildings you should destroy it. Don't try to provoke them unless you are sure you can deal with them. If you start a war with the Thoraxians keep the following in mind: They use mostly land based combat so guard posts are your best defense. They have the highest birth rate of all races so it will be very difficult to exterminate them. Thoraxians have very powerful ground soldiers and you will take quite some losses. If you want to win with the Transcendence victory condition you should make sure that either the Thoraxians are not near you or that you have wiped them from the planet. If you don't do that before they will throw everything they have at you and it will be harder to defeat them as if you've started a war before. As long as not provoked Thoraxians behave rather calm only trying to destroy you if they have an initial hate towards your race.