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Ammo Type Armor Type Immunities Damage Bonuses
Fusion Cutter Close-Combat Tractor Beams, Reclamation, Transport, Swallow, Force Fields, Mines, Repair 2 Light, 3 Neutron, 0.1 Command-Grade, 0.1 Ultra-Heavy, 0.1 Structural, 0.1 Polycrystal

Damage Attack Range Reload Health Armor Speed Engine Health Single Ship DPS Ship Cap DPS Abilities
4,000 0 1 sec 60,000 20 320 Inf 4,000 dmg/sec 588,000 dmg/sec Self Attrition Time 01:00, Self Attrition Only When Not In Stand-Down, Target Seek Range 5,000

Replicates Every 2,000 Build Points