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Alpha Verson .101

(This isn't done yet, we're still working on it.)

  • The recent page notes actually points to the release notes, now.
  • Lots of various stuff in the larger strategic game outside of the combat section, but since that isn't available to testers yet, we'll spare you the list.
  • The default battle speed is now 0.5 instead of 1, and battle speeds can be adjusted all the way down to 0.05 instead of just to 0.25.
    • Thanks to Admiral and Misery for suggesting.
  • The game now keeps tracks of campaigns played and won/lost separately from combat practices played and won/lost, and now properly logs all of them.
    • Thanks to Admiral for reporting.
  • The deployment speed of ships has been halved, so that there is a much bigger difference between what size ship you bring out at any given time timing-wise, as well as making it so that you can't flood the battlefield with low-cost ships too fast.
  • Squadron deployment buttons in combat now have tooltips.
  • The tooltips in combat now show a line about the pilots and pilot bonuses.
  • Combat performance optimizations.
  • Added a new "wild hunter" mode for your ships, that also applies to some enemy flocks. This can be turned on via the B hotkey, and makes them automatically seek out and destroy the ships that they are best suited to kill.
  • The selection rings for ships were not properly scaling up with ships as you zoomed out in the prior version of the game, making it almost impossible to see what you had selected when you were zoomed out at all.
    • Thanks to Professor Paul1290, Admiral, and mrhanman for reporting.
  • "Giant" ships like your flagship now show larger selection rings in general, even when zoomed in.
    • Thanks to Professor Paul1290, Admiral, and mrhanman for reporting.
  • The clickable area for ships now scales up with the zoom going out, so that you can still click them when you are zoomed out. And for flagships, this area is now larger in general.
    • Thanks to mrhanman for reporting.
  • The racial/other-purpose ship name prefixes now properly show during battles. So something from the Thoraxians is now no longer the "Bolt," it's the "TCC Bolt."
  • Pirate Lancers no longer have "strafing time," unlike interceptors and cutters of both the regular and pirate varieties.
  • Strafing time was not properly adjusting to different simulation speeds, so on lower sim speeds it was causing hugely less strafing, and on higher sim speeds or fast-forward, it was causing hugely more.
    • Thanks to Cyborg for suggesting.
  • Fixed an issue with the background grid of lines basically being insane when you zoomed in and out. Given that was supposed to be a major indication not only of spatial distance but also of your zoom level, that was kind of an important oversight.
    • Thanks to Misery and Admiral for reporting.

Balance changes

  • Interceptors now hit for less and have a longer time between shots. This is to hopefully prevent the "zerg rush" strategy from being effective.

The Last Federation