The Last Federation:Andors

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TLFAndorIcon.png Andors
Alignment Good
Ship strength
Ground strength 0.3
Construction speed 6
Shipbuilding speed 1.1
Research speed Medium
Population growth Medium
The Andors had constructed a peaceful robotic utopia, and our governors reasoned it was no hardship to keep them where they were.

A utopian society of robots. They are a peaceable and benevolent race, and will never try to take a planet from another race. They will fight, for a variety of reasons, but they can also be relied on to send aid where it is needed.


The Andors are highly pacifistic sorts, who will refuse to invade or conquer enemy planets even in wartime (they sign a peace treaty instead, if the defender yields). They are somewhat weak in space warfare, and their low ground combat strength and absence of soldiers leaves them largely defenceless in an invasion.

Due to the nature of their government, they have a fairly limited dealset, but this includes many possible options for assisting other races, e.g. in terms of production or RCI. Like the Skylaxians, they can convince another race with whom they have a good mutual relationship (+90 attitude) to join the Federation, even if the player has low influence with that race.

Being a robotic race, they have a slightly different tech tree from the organic races, and suffer from different diseases.


There are six political parties in the Andor parliamentary system. Each party has its own agenda, and will only do deals related to its agenda. The deals thankfully overlap some between parties. Each party has a representative chosen from the members of that party who are currently a part of the 400-member body. Members change parties with... surprising frequency. Periodically there is an "Andor Election," which is actually a strange way of saying that a new ruling party is designated based on which party has the most members at the time. These robots may be nice, but there's something a bit wrong with their circuits...

They will not accept bribes.

Deals can only be made with the ruling party. The player can change which party comes to power at the next election by spending Credit to lobby for or against any given party.