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The purpose of this page is to rework the main page of the AI WAR wiki

Whats new in 4.0

Starting A New Campaign

 Profiles - what do they do

Host New Game

    Number of planets
    Map style
    Map seed
    generate map
    Choose Installed Expansions
    Available Ships (Simple/Normal/Complex)
    Turn on/off various classes of ships     
 Game Options
    combat Style (Epic/4x, Normal Biltz)
    unit caps (Small Normal Large)
    Visability (Full visability Full fog of war)
    Show unexplored planets on galaxy map
 AI options
    Minor Factions
    AI modifiers
 AI Plots
    Hybrid Hives
    Advanced Hybrids
    Astro Trains
AI Types and Resouce modifiers 

Join Multiplayer Load a Saved game Settings Licenses/Expansions

General Gameplay

Why doesn't the AI build turrets anymore? link to guardians (in development)

Where are the strong vrs weak data link to ref tab page (in development)

Shields are replaced by Armor (in development)

Chance to miss is gone (in development)

Economy -- What's changed (in development)

Command station types (in development)

Res Node Upgrades (in development)

Engineers and Manufactories now run free (in development)

Engineering Units don't teleport anymore (Mk3 and Exp are the exception))

  For The Enemy (Highlights)

AI Command Stations (in development)

Guard Posts -- More types and why (in development)

Common Guard Post types (in development)

Beware the Counter Strike Guard Post (in development)

Special Forces Guard Post -- What's so special? (in development)

Core Guard Post types (in development)

Guardians: What Are Guardians? (in development)