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This is for alpha testing for the Zenith Onslaught. I'm using this to keep patch notes.
This is for alpha testing for the Zenith Onslaught. I'm using this to keep patch notes.
=== Version 2.043 ===
=== Beta 2.043 ===
* Dark Zenith
* Dark Zenith

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This is for alpha testing for the Zenith Onslaught. I'm using this to keep patch notes.

Beta 2.043

  • Dark Zenith
    • Can now actually invade the galaxy. "Open" for stability testing. No attempt at balance or unit creation has been made.
  • Zenith Miners
    • Now have notifications
  • Nomads and Zenith Miners
    • Planets should now be properly destroyed

Beta 2.042

  • Zenith Architrave
    • Give them a few new defensive structures
    • Remove some mentions of the militant dyson from notification tooltips. Thanks to Starkelp for reporting
    • Fix a bug where Golems weren't going to spawn
  • Dark Zenith
    • Dark Zenith now actually spawn new planets
    • First pass at DZ economy done. Can be turned on for testing, though they only do economic stuff right now

Version 2.031

  • Nomad Changes
    • Fix a null reference exception in the nomad planet notifier, and minor text tweaks there.
    • Don't let an AI homeworld be placed on a Nomad planet
    • Faction-specific stuff can't seed at game start time on a Nomad planet. This prevents the Dyson or ZA from being on a Nomad
    • Nomad Planets that are also player homeworlds can't be crashed into the AI
    • Nomad Planets now spawn exos in a reasonable fashion once the Nomad Planets are en route to crash. Balance levers in XML
  • Zenith Architrave
    • Give the ZA some actual units (stolen from the Dyson for now).
    • Give the ZA some golems that spawn only during the Civil War.
    • Some buffs to the ZA
  • Dark Zenith
    • New planets should now spawn when the Invasion Starts. Planet locations need work, and debugging code is still enabled for it
    • Planets can now have varying initial amounts of science. Used to make Dark Zenith planets worth extra science.
    • Start the XML for dark zenith economy.

Version 2.029

Factions open for testing: Zenith Architrave, Zenith Miners, Nomad Planets

  • Add a debug setting (in the game lobby) to make Nomad Planets move more often
  • Fix a null reference from clicking on the nomad planet notification
  • Don't let the AI homeworld be placed on a Nomad planet

Things that need testing right now

  • Check if the ZA will spawn golems during the civil war
  • Give a vague sense of whether the response to the nomad planets crashing A. works and B. is balanced.
    • Note that setting the nomads on 'fast move' will decrease the AI response significantly
  • Check that you can no longer crash your homeworld if it's on a nomad planet
  • The DZ can be turned on to check for exceptions. It doesn't do much otherwise.
    • Save/load doesn't work for DZ

Known Issues/Bug reports

  • Nomad Planets can get links to themselves (reproduction scenario needed). This hasnt been seen for a while

  • Architrave can spawn close to each other (in one case, on adjacent planets). While not necessarily a bug, its not very interesting when they fight.
    • Should add a minimum hop distance between multiple.

Links to Faction descriptions

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Bug Reports

This section is to give an easy place for people to mention problems they are having