AI War:0.940 Release

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-Starships are no longer immune to sniper shots and missiles.

-All core ships now have a 4x bonus against starships.

-Mark III starships now take 60 minutes to build instead of 18.

-Mark II starships now take 20 minutes to build instead of 9.

-Mark I starships now take 10 minutes to build instead of 5.

-The energy use of Mark II starships has been multiplied 5x.

-The energy use of Mark III starships has been multiplied 10x.

-Scouts, starships, and snipers now have unlimited engine health.

-The attack bonuses of all starships have been removed except their penalty against turrets. They also now have a penalty against heavy defenses.

-The health of all starships has been reduced to 75% of its former value.

-The AI is now smarter about how it tactically handles its ships on difficulty 5 and up. It now evaluates the strength of the enemy forces and the desirability of the enemy targets at the current planet, and if there isn't much there then it goes to another enemy planet. Previously the AI would stay and fight at the current planet if there were any ships left at all, which wasn't always as effective.

-When AI ships route to enemy planets, they don't always necessarily pick the nearest one to go to anymore. Now they have a chance of picking on that is more distant, which makes them less predictable.

-In previous versions, if someone tried to play an ogg track that was longer than 6-7 minutes, the game would crash. Now it will just truncate the file during playback.

-A EULA has been added for the game. This EULA should be quite friendly to end users, but prohibts disassmbly or derivative works, etc.

-In the Score screens, the old "# Sold" column now reads "# Scrap," which is better wording.

-The name of the current music track is now shown in the F3 debug text.

-The installer now includes the EULA.

-There was previously a bug with how some ships would go through wormholes, which would make them show up in the wrong location on ther other side. Fixed.

-Previously, if you selected an engineer and then told it to attack-move to its current location, that would not work. Fixed.

-Clicking an existing savegame in the save interface now prepopulates the name of the existing savegame into the textbox at the bottom of the screen.

-Issuing an attack order to ships that were already traveling on a wormhole path would not properly switch the ships to the attack order unless the attack order was issued twice or a move order was first issued. Fixed.

-The cost of tachyon beam emitters has been increased rather sharply.

-Tachyon Drones have been added.

-The new in-game music tracks Variation 1, Thor Variation, Metal, and Smooth have been added.

-The game now supports multiple vendor modes.

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