AI War:1.000 Release

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-The game now minimizes and then goes back to its normal size on startup. This should prevent Windows XP from sometimes leaving the taskbar in front of the game window on start. It also ensures that Windows XP includes an entry in the taskbar for the game, which wasn't always happening before.

-The knowledge cost of raid starships has been increased from 4,000 to 6,000.

-The metal and crystal costs of all starships have been switched (now crystal is now emphasized over metal).

-A new Leech Starship has been added, unlockable for 8,000 knowledge after raid starships are unlocked. These starships are huge parasites.

-The ratio of metal/crystal costs on MLRS turrets have been shifted so that more crystal is now required from them, but less metal.

-Counter-Missile turrets have had some of their metal cost shifted to crystal.

-New AI Troop Accelerator has been added, and will appear at random on a few planets in some campaigns.

-In recent releases, the names of the AI players were mistakenly not including the AI number (1 or 2) or the difficulty level. Fixed.

-Clicking items in the in-game save menu was not immediately populating the textbox at the bottom of that window. Fixed.

-New in game music tracks: Warp, Marisa

-New Anti-Starship Arachnid unit for AI.

-AI now sometimes deploys Anti-Starship Arachnids when being attacked by starships on its planets (AI level 5 and up only). It is quite good at deflecting careless starships attacks with this tactic.

-Force Fields, Fortresses, SuperFortresses, Astro Trains, Train Stations, and all of the specialized capturable ships are now immune to being insta-killed.

-The game now has and plays Victory and Defeat music.

-When there are a lot of metal or crystal producers, the efficiency of the later producers is now reduced, thus making super-high incomes harder to achieve in single player games. This puts the single player late game more in line with multiplayer games (many of which will hardly even have this new efficiency reduction because of how resources are divided among players). Previously, the single-player experience was often a bit too easy compared to its multiplayer counterpart, and this should balance that out.

-Mark III and Mark IV ships are all now 1.5x more expensive than before, except for starships and heavy defense.

-The AI is now a bit smarter about reinforcing planets that are adjacent to planets that no one controls and the human players have no presence on.

-The old cap of 10 reinforcements per reinforcement event (based on the number of planets the AIs don't control) has been raised to 30. The number of reinforcements has also been increased from 1 per 3 noncontrolled planets to 1 per 2 noncontrolled planets.

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