AI War:1.003 Release

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-New Lightning Missiles have been added at Missile Silos.

-It is now possible for a player to build up to four EMPs at one time.

-All missiles now are immune to mines, and have scout abilities (and thus also show up in the list of scouts).

-The scouts quick-button at the bottom of the screen is now labeled "Scouts & Missiles."

-All missiles and starships are now immune to sniper shots.

-In recent releases, the numeric range in the hover text for ships was being shown as 1,000 too much on all ships (though the range indicator in the game itself—hold Z to see—was fine).

-New Armored Missles have been added at Missile Silos.

-In the last release, there was a crash bug that could be encountered when starting a game on some maps. Fixed.

-The AI is no longer allowed to cluster reinforcements in quite the same way as before, which means that they will tend to be more evenly spread apart.

-Four player games and up now get even more of a resource bonus than before.

-The AI is back to only building a single ion cannon on planets on difficulties 7 and 8.

-There is now more variance in a minority of galaxy maps, providing more variance overall.

-The map random seed is now shown on totals button hover text on the galaxy map.

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