AI War:2.000 Release

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NEW ART - Philippe Chabot

All remaining shot effects. ExplosionSmall (shot hit) Updated CrystalHarvester Updated CrystalManufactory Updated Gather Point Flag Updated Energy Capsule (Metal Harvester Build Point) Updated MetalHarvester Updated MetalManufactory Updated ScienceLab, ScienceLabII, Advanced Research Station Achievements Icons Updated Game Icon Explosion Embers Explosion Damage Smoke Explosion Debris Flare Updated Electric Shuttle I, II, III, IV Updated Raider I, II, III, IV Updated Space Dock Updated Game Logo Updated Command Station Home, I, II, III Updated Force Field Generator I, II, III Updated Deflector Drone I, II, III, IV Updated Engineer Drone I, II, III Updated Infiltrator I, II, III, IV Updated Missile Silo Updated Starship Constructor Updated Orbital Command Station - Warp Jammer Updated Bomber I, II, III, IV, Core Updated Cruiser I, II, III, IV, Core Updated Fighter I, II, III, IV

Various Notable New Features

-The game now has a local high scores list. Whenever a game is saved or closed, it updates itself. Only the highest Player Score Over Time is logged for an individual map seed (variants of that map seed, based on position, available ships, or other factors all count as the same). Each player profile has a separate high scores list, so changing the profile also changes the high scores list.

    A new way of calculating an "adjusted score" for purposes of the high scoreboards has now been arrived at.  This formula takes into account the difficulty level of both AIs, whether the player has a positive handicap relative to the AIs, the AI modifiers, and all the other relevant start-game factors, multiplied times the Score Over Time.  This allows for consolidated, meaningful online leaderboards.

-Achievements have now been added to the game! 129 of them, in fact (43 bronze, 40 silver, and 46 gold). Many achievements are not unlocked until the end of a campaign, but others are unlocked as the game progresses. The achievements that are checked in-game are checked right after autosaves, every two minutes, and right on load of a savegame.

-Ships now remember the last ship type that they were assigned by a player (human or AI) to kill. They will then adjust their targeting accordingly, preferring ships of that specific type, or if a ship of that type is not available, then any ships of that class. For example, if a group of fighters is targeted on a Raid Starship, then those specific fighters will forever more prefer to kill Raid Starships, or if those are not available, then Starships in general, or else whatever else they would normally kill.

   The preferred targets are shown in the hover text when hovering over a ship.  If it doesn't have a line for the preferred target, then it was never explicitly ordered to attack a certain ship type.
   Ships will still only attack targets within their normal ranging rules.  In other words, they will only attack ships that are within range if they are in normal mode or attack-move mode, or they will attack preferred ships anywhere on the planet in free-roaming defender mode.
   In general, this new mechanic allows for a lot more automation of ship battles, without as much micromanagement.
   Ships that are not auto-targeted by player ships will no longer become preferred targets when players give orders to attack them.
   The "Stop Units" hotkey (end) now also clears the preferred target type.

-There is now an altplanetnames.txt file in the main directory of the application. Players can add their preferred names to this file, and when they host planets will take on names from this list once the game has started. This does not affect the lobby at all (since players may have differing values in their txt files), and once the game has started everyone is synced to the values from the host player. If there are too few entries in the txt file for the size of map that was selected, it will instead use the autogenerated style of planet names for any remaining planets.

-AI War now integrates with Steamworks (optionally, for an upcoming public release for people who have Steamworks). As part of this, the following features have been added:

    -AI War now logs achievements to Steam as well as locally.
    -There is now a high scoreboard on Steam, that logs the best adjusted score of each player, and another that logs the raw scores.
    -The GDI windows of AI War, which normally block DirectX-based overlays like Steam, now are moved out of the way when the Steam client is activated, allowing for a full and normal use of the Steam client at any point in the game.

Co-Op Improvements

-The confirmation message for gifting ships between players has been updated to reflect why ships can sometimes not be gifted.

-Each entry in the Give button's popup listing now includes a "Can Be Given" count, which shows how many of the selected ships can be given to each allied player (based on the rules of prior unlocks, ship caps, etc). This will help prevent confusion in multiplayer games when players want to gift ships but cannot.

-When a player is disabled, their ships are removed from Pause All mode if they were previously in that mode.

-The metal, crystal, knowledge, and energy HUD data is now visible for all allies (active or disabled) in the tooltip when hovering over the HUD indicators for the local player. This lets players more effectively manage disabled players' economies, and keep up with how each other's economies are doing without having to ask.

AI Updates

-On difficulty 6 and up, AI home planets are now much less responsive to neutering. This gives a more realistic, more dramatic, final-battle feel to these planets.

-The AI will no longer abandon its command posts to pursue tachyon warheads.

-AI players will now make more of an effort to kill advanced research stations.

-The AI no longer taunts players after tactical retreats, or after players scrap units.

Performance Improvements

-The algorithm for nebula generation has been updated so that it now has a more even distribution (which is nicer to integrated/older graphics cards).

-Several performance improvements have been made to the collision detection algorithm, which really improves performance when a large group of ships are moving to near a large group of existing ships.

-Engineer target acquisition has been made more efficient.

-A new keyboard shortcut has been added: Shift+F3 now shows network debug info, including dropped/resent packets, etc. This is crucial for debugging poor network performance.

-Previously, on some connections the performance when loading a savegame across the network was really poor (and in a few edge cases, ridiculously extremely poor). This was due to packet loss rates, and partly due to the network adapter incorrectly being flooded by the network library we use. Fixed.

-A new Network Sync Performance Settings section has been added to the General tab of the Settings window. Generally players will not need to touch these settings, but it provides some advanced configuration problems to improve game sync transfer rates for those players who have performance issues with the default settings.

Interface / Other Graphical Improvements

-The totals screen in the galaxy map now shows the available ship types (from the dropdown), as well as the selected map style. Maps created with an older version of the game will show "Unknown" for the map style.

-It is now possible to select more than one AI modifier at a time in the lobby.

-The selected AI modifiers and Disabled Ships are now shown in the Totals button on the galaxy map in each game. Now, all of the chosen lobby settings are basically shown in some fashion or other in-game.

-The old Strong Vs and Weak Vs text was misinterpreted by the vast majority of players (who thought it was a bonus, when it is actually performance data). The notation and data shown for these categories has therefore been updated to be more clear. These are actually showing performance stats from after simulated encounters. It now shows the name of the ship, the % health remaining of the victor, and the time taken for the victorious ships to kill all of the losing ships in the simulation. This is NOT the time it takes a single ship of one type to kill a single ship of the other type, but it should be good enough as a rough guide to see which ship classes will kill the target class most quickly.

-Midsize ships and upwards that explode now throw off chunks of debris and embers. Before they explode, they also now start smoking when they are damaged down to 66% health, and smoking more heavily and shooting off embers when they are damaged down to 33% or more. Mobile military ships do not emit damage smoke even if they are large (this helps performance).

-A new Expenses By Player tab has been added to the Stats window. This new tab shows a sorted list of all the current resource outflows, making it possible for players to diagnose higher-than-it-should-be expenses of metal and crystal (which are usually due to errant engineers or some ships that were under construction but which were forgotten about by the players).

New Ships

-New Ship: Core AI Force Fields are immune to nuclear blasts, don't require supply, have even more health, and a protection radius 2x larger than any other force field. These are used on core/home AI planets only. AI Force fields once again have a very slow regen (but still can't be repaired). The Mark III and Core AI Force Fields are mobile.

Ship Logic Updates

-It now costs resources to repair all ships. This cost is pretty low for most ships, and is listed in amongst the other abilities for ships that can be repaired.

-Starships now have higher repair costs, depending on their ship level and the type of starship. This fixes the exploit of players using starships and then repairing them as a way to have "free" offensive forces.

-Ships that are disabled due to lack of supply are now the lowest priority out of all ships for autotargeting.

-Ships now accelerate and decelerate when moving, which makes their movement look a lot more natural.

-Attacking ships with multi-shot capability now do a much better job of concentrating their fire on (human or AI) player-selected targets. This makes Starships in particular much more effective against tough targets, or even each other, when there are other smaller ships in the vicinity.

-The color of a planet no longer changes until it is fully captured (until the command station is complete). This affects supply, and various other unit behaviors, in a more sensible way.

-Shots now accelerate to match their target in these sorts of cases. The benefit of ships moving fast is meant to be useful in other ways, not for dodging bullets. This adjustment should help with raptors and autocannons and etherjets dodging bullets.

-When ships are entering or exiting wormholes or being first created from a dock (and thus fading in/out), the following changes have now been made. They cannot fire at enemy ships or use any of their active special abilities—including teleportation—and enemy ships cannot fire at them (including Area Of Effect attacks) or use tractor beams on them. All ships also now come out of wormhole at a constant move rate of 12, regardless of normal or free-roaming defender mode and regardless of their normal movement abilities or even if their engines have been disabled.

  -This also fixes the very rare occasional "superships" issue.
  -This also fixes the issue with teleporting ships seeming to appear at any place on a planet, rather than emerging from a wormhole and then moving to their destination.

-Collision priorities have been added. When a higher-priority ship would collide with a lower-priority ship of the same team, the lower-priority ship moves out of the way instead of the higher-priority ship looking for a new location. This can make it easier to place immobile ships into a group of mobile ships, or to position something with a booster ability in the middle of a group of ships to boost. This also makes it much easier to put fixed-position ships (resources, mines, turrets, etc) in the midst of a group of mobile allied defenders.

 Current priorities (numeric values are irrelevant, just relative values matter):
 10000: Immobile ships
 10000: Heavy Defense (Forts, mainly)
 10000: Force Fields
 10000: Movable Command Stations
 1000: Mobile Repair Station
 800: Transports
 500: Starships
 200: Munitions Boosters
 100: Engineers
 50: Warheads
 50: Resource ships (science lab, etc)
 50: Sensors (tachyon drones, etc)
 50: Colony Ships

-Guard posts (not command stations) of the AI will now start trending to being more specialized than before. Whenever they get reinforcements, around half of the reinforcements they recieve will be of the same type as whatever their most predominant type is. So there will still be a good variety at each one, but they will be much less homogenous.

Ship Balance Updates

-Tachyon Drones now have much greater speed, cloaking, and a 50% larger tachyon beam coverage area.

-Sniper and Ion Cannon shots are now twice as fast as before.

-Ion cannons are now immune to nuclear blasts.

-The energy cost of autocannon minipods has been reduced from 100 to 25.

-The metal/crystal costs of mark II and III laser turrets have been increased.

-Core turrets no longer require supply.

-The detonation from tachyon warheads now reveals cloaked ships for 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. This makes tachyon warheads a lot more useful.

-The energy cost of tachyon warheads and EMPs has been reduced from 5,000 to 2,000. The move speed of these two warheads has also been upped 3x.

-Scouts and Scout Starships have a new "Unaffected By Negative Energy" ability, which makes them remain cloaked even when their controller's energy balance drops below zero.

-The regen rate of mobile military ships (most notably cutlasses) was previously far too low when present. Fixed.

-All warheads have a new "blind" ability, which makes them unable to provide visibility into enemy systems. If non-blind local/allied ships are present, they will be able to function as normal, but this basically prevents armored missiles from being used as scouts on distant enemy planets without support.

    Blind ships no longer collision-detect with ships they cannot see.  This allows for lightning warheads to easily pop out of a wormhole and not move at all from the target location.

-The cost of unlocking Mark III command stations has been dropped from 8,000 to 5,000 knowledge. Its metal and crystal production has been dropped from 48/sto 32/s. It's health has been increased from 99,999 to 599,999. The ship cap has been reduced from 8 to 6. They are also now immune to sniper shots.

-The metal and crystal output of Mark II command stations has been dropped from 32/s to 24/s. It's unlock cost has been dropped from 5,000 to 4,000 knowledge. It's health has been increased from 99,999 to 299,999. The ship cap has been reduced from 8 to 6.

-Warheads, Vampire Claws, and Vorticular Cutlasses no longer decelerate when reaching their targets, though they do still have to accelerate up to their maximum speed.

-The following ships now have 2X acceleration rate: Fighters, Bombers, Bulletproof, MicroFighter, Engineer I, Laser Gatling.

-The following ships now have 3X acceleration rate: Raiders, Vampires, Raptors, Scouts (except Mark IV), Space Tug, Electric Shuttle, Cutlass, EyeBot, Autocannon, Space Plane, EtherJet.

-Raptors are now the fastest ship in the game, with 148 move speed. They also now have a large attack range of 9,000. They also now cost significantly more metal and crystal than before.

-Raiders now cost far more than they previously did, to hopefully bring them back into balance with other ships. Their bonus against bombers has also been removed.

-Starships and Turrets now all do 1/5 their normal damage to warheads.

-Sniper and Spider Turrets now do 3x more damage, but also cost 3x more.

-Snipers I-IV now do 3x more damage, and have costs that are increased by 3x (or more, in the case of the higher-level snipers.

-Ion cannons now do a better job of not overkilling enemy ships. They also now do engine damage, but only fire a single shot at a time, rather than four shots at a time. Lastly, they are now able to hit ships higher than their level, now that they do engine damage. This basically makes them like a supercharged spider turret against higher-level ships, and their usual insta-killing selves against equal or lower levels.

-The attack bonuses of snipers and sniper turrets have been reduced by around 1/3, to make it so that they are not so overwhelmingly more effective against bombers and other similar ships.

-Snipers now have a .2 penalty against resource structures, and a .3 penalty against engineers.

-Tractor Beams are now considered their own ship class, rather than being part of the general turret ship class. This makes them show up separately in the galaxy map intel summary counts, and also makes it so that setting target preferences of tractor beams will secondarily prefer all tractor beams of all levels, rather than all turrets of all levels.

-Turrets now do half damage against other turrets and against tractor beams.

-Laser Turrets now cost far less knowledge to unlock, and have major bonuses against cutlass, vampire, armored, tank, figher, raptor, raider, space plane, and parasite, while having a lower attack in general, and a major penalty against bomber, cruiser, anti-armor, laser gatling, and autocannon.

-Missile Turrets now have a penalty instead of a bonus against fighters, and now have a bonus against bombers, infiltrators, infiltrators, raptors, scouts, anti-armor, teleport stations, snipers, and spiders, and a penalty against cruisers.

-MLRS Turrets now have a bonus against Cutlasses, Fighters, Raiders, Tanks, Parasites, Raptors, Laser Gatlings, and Autocannons. They now have a penalty instead of a bonus agains armored and anti-armor ships. They also now have a penalty against autocannons, deflectors, and space planes.

-Non-starship space tugs no longer pick up starships, since this often resulted in starships being prematurely yanked from battle.

-All of the different starship and turret types are now broken out into various subclasses now. This makes for more informative intel summaries, for one thing, as well as more possible specialization of attack bonuses, as well as MUCH more informative data on the strong against / weak against lists.

-Mobile Repair Tugs are no longer able to pick up force fields, fortresses, mobile repair stations, command stations, or other large-yet-mobile ships.

-Transports are now their own ship type, rather than being lumped into the colony ship ship type, which makes them show up independently on the intel summary.

-When players don't have enough energy to support capturing a ship via parasites, the ship will not be captured. Previously it would send the player into negative energy, which was far more dangerous.

-The knowledge costs of tachyon beam emitters and stealth tachyon beam emitters have been halved. Additionally, their tachyon beam ranges have been increased from 750 and 1000 to 4000 and 8000, respectively.

-Cutlasses and vampire now have a 5,000 target seek range instead of 10,000, which gives players greater control over them (this doesn't affect the AI). Previously, these melee ships would often run off too early and die.

Misc Changes

-The game now keeps track of the exact second at which a victory/loss was achieved, and the timer stops counting at that second even though the game keeps going.

-Tachyon Beam emitters (the two fixed-position variants) have been moved to the Turret tab, off of the DEF tab, so that they are better grouped with the other ships that would be being built around the same time (and so that more players notice them and remember to build them).

-The "Negative Energy" shot type has been renamed to "Dark Matter" to make it more clearly distinct from discussions of "negative energy" as it refers to the energy balance of players.

-The Zinth race has been renamed to Zenith for the sake of clarity.

-Shield Bearers have been renamed to Force Field Bearers, as this is more befitting to their revamped (as of 1.013 or so) abilities: mini force fields in place of their older superhigh shields. This also makes their short-name text now "FF Bearer" instead of "Shield," which is much less confusing for players who might think this refers to force fields, etc.

-Scrolling the game window is now disabled when the in-game menu is visible.

-The starting rotation of black holes in the galaxy map is now randomized (as it always was in the lobby), so that they don't all look synchronized if there are multiple.

-The planetary summary now indicates if "last seen" ships were enemy, allied, or local player's ships.

-The color of the abilities text is now brighter and thus more noticeable/readable.

-When Complete Visibility is turned on, the "last scouted" time is always now 0 seconds ago, which gives complete intel summary info.

-There are now settings options under Graphics, Special Effects, for disabling explosion debris/embers, damaged ship smoke, and force field rotation.

-Exo-Shields have been renamed to Exo-Force-Fields to be more consistent with other uses of the word "shield" (which is distinct from force fields).

-When mine layers rebuild mines, it no longer makes the mine placement sound.


-The excel exports now include ship acceleration rates, and also the internal damage multipliers used for each ship type.

-The engine damage of ships now shows just as a number, without an x in front of the number. Previously it looked like a multiplier, which it is not.

-The countdown timer on incoming waves is now shown in a more brief format.

-The client now gets a popup message when unable to connect to a host.

-The hostile wormhole counts were previously slightly off when Exo-Galaxy wormholes were present. Fixed.

-The outdated installer slideshow images of the game have now been updated.

-When ships are under construction, their far zoom icon border flashes green. This is now a lot more obvious of a green, rather than being very low-contrast as before, so it is much easier to find ships that are being built.

-Short-range turrets have been renamed to Basic turrets, which is now a more appropriate name for them.

-The population algorithm for ARSes is now better—before it was only ever seeding them on planets belonging to the first AI, but now it will seed them on the planets of both AIs. This will affect the layout of existing map seeds, but not existing savegames.

-The initial population algorithm for Advanced Factories is now better—this really only affects very tiny maps with large numbers of starting planets. All AFs are placed in enemy territory, but this could now include home planets of the AIs, and multiple AFs per planet if needed. The number of AFs will normally be 2x the number of starting player home planets, but it will also now never exceed 2x the number of starting AI home planets. The changes to this algorithm will not affect existing savegames.

-More vertical size has been added to the Save and Load windows.

-The "You Have," "Enemies Have," "Allies Have," and "Last Seen" text line items from the planetary summary sidebar have now been combined with the line stating the name of each ship, in order to conserve vertical space as well as make these data items a bit more prominent.

-The AI Forcefields and Player Forcefields are now shown in different icons in the F1 planetary summary display, so that they all fit on the screen at once properly (and because they belong in two different categories: fixed nonmilitary and mobile nonmilitary, respectively).

-When items in build queues are reordered, they now keep the count of how many they have already built, rather than resetting to zero. This makes reordering queues less disruptive to the relative unit makeup.

-Starship Constructors now use the same icon as space docks in far zoom, rather than the icon used by mobile builders. Starship Constructors have a "Star" label under themselves, and now show up separately on the planetary summary sidebar, which makes selecting groups of mobile builders or starship construcotrs much simpler.

-Zooming in on the graphs now only zooms the X-axis, rather than the Y-axis. This lets players then see full data for a selection of time when switching between the graph segments.

-"Team Income" on the galaxy map intel summaries has now been replaced with "Your Income," and now includes energy production as well as metal/crystal income. "Your Income" is much more actionable than the income of the entire team when playing multiplayer.

-The "Resources" section of the galaxy map intel summary now includes counts of how many Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III energy reactors have ben built by the local player at that planet. This makes energy distribution planning much easier to do.

-Previously, selecting a mix of ships in low and normal power modes and hitting K would invert each ship individually, whereas clicking the pause button in the interface would toggle them all to either on or off. Now the K key works more like the interface button, thought not exactly. If any of the ships are in low-power mode, then it tries to put them in high-power mode. Otherwise, it puts them all into low-power mode.

-Harvester exo-force-fields can now be auto-placed by ctrl-clicking, same as with the harvesters themselves.

-Melee ships now show their target seek range as an attack range when the attack ranges are shown (Z key).

-The counter-shot ranges, tractor/gravitational ranges, and force field ranges for incomplete/disabled force fields are now shown while the player is in placement mode for placing new ships. This makes it much easier to place ships under a forcefield or a counter-shooter, for instance.

-The bounding circles of to-be-placed ships are now shown in white during placement mode, which makes it far easier for players to tightly pack groups of ships.

-There were a number of menus that were using the MS Sans Serif Font. Those have all been switched to using Arial.

-The spacing of some of the lobby options has been improved, so that users with larger fonts won't see any overlap.

-Mine Layers now have 4x as much health as before, so hopefully they will not die so frequently. They also now have regen so that they don't take so much micromanagement to keep healed.

-Engineers and repair stations will no longer try to heal damaged mine remains.

-Previously, there was a ship cap on mine remains, which was lower than the ship cap for mines themselves, which caused mine remains to not always appear for players. Fixed so that there is no longer any ship cap on mine remains, which makes mine remains always appear when a mine dies.


-Previously, the text on allied planets was showing up as red for players, instead of white. This made it harder to see hostile wormholes at a glance. Fixed.

-In the last release, snipers, infiltrators, and other ships that are supposed to be able to fire through force fields (lightning missiles aside) were instead damaging the force fields like normal. Fixed.

-There was previously a rare crash bug that could occur when assigning ships to a control group. Fixed.

-In recent releases, it was difficult or impossible to give cutlasses move orders if they were already chasing a target ship. Fixed.

-In 1.301, there was a bug where ships under the mouse cursor were selected when a planet was clicked in the galaxy map. Fixed.

-Fixed several glitches with the scrollbars in the high scores and scores windows.

-Previously, Force-Field Bearers were damaged by shots being fired out from under them. Fixed.

-Previously, cutlasses would ignore wormhole move orders in favor of attacking more ships. Fixed.

-In recent versions of the game, the "Killed With" column in the stats was not working right. Now it works correctly, and it has been renamed to "Kills Made By."

-Previously, when force fields were disabled, shots would still disappear at the edge of it as if it were enabled if ships shot directly at it. Fixed.

-Previously, pausing or unpausing the game would cancel placement mode for ships, and would cancel the selection box area. This was counter to being TBS-friendly. Fixed.

-The collision raidus (and thus also the exo-forcefield radius) was much too small on crystal harvesters. Fixed.

-The tooltip text for command stations was out of date regarding destroyed planets and supply. Fixed.

-On some computers, previously some of the settings options could show as cut off. Fixed.

-With 10 planet maps, there was still a very rare chance of having a disconnected planet. Fixed.

-In recent releases deselecting ships using the selected objects button required two clicks. Fixed.

-Fixed a super rare crash bug when changing music tracks.

-Previously, using the N+2 or N+3 or N+1 filters would cause non-military ships to be selected when they otherwise would not be. Fixed.

-Fixed a minor localization error in part of the intermediate tutorial.

-Fixed a bug with loading certain player stats data.

-Fixed a bug with loading ships that are heading to a transport but which are not yet in the transport.

-There was previously a bug where certain very old savegames were not rembmering the players' home planets correctly, especially for when their game was first loaded and for AI decision making purposes. Fixed.

-Since the addition of Supply, all ships that require supply have had incorrect strong/weak data. This most notably applies to turrets. Fixed.

-In recent releases (since 1.201 or so, most likely), on maps smaller than 80 planets there were often too few Advanced Research Stations. This was initially by design, but it made the smaller maps harder than expected. There are now always 5 ARSes on every map, and existing savegames will be updated on their next load to include the correct number of ARSes.

  -On very tiny maps, especially 10 planet maps that have 8 planets starting out belonging to players, this can lead to duplicate ARSes on individual AI planets.

-Previously it was possible to use a mobile builder to Ctrl+click and build harvesters on planets not owned by you. Fixed.

-Previously, cloaked ships that were revealed by tachyon beams (yet were not completely visible) were not able to be caught in tractor beams. Fixed.

-In recent releases, the game has not been recovering properly from a lost graphics device. This affected computers that locked after going to screensaver, or Vista/Windows 7 machines where Ctrl+Alt+Delete was pressed while the game was active. Fixed.

-Previously, ships that were directly placed would sometimes jump to the side. Fixed.

-Fortresses were incorrectly noting that they were a fixed structure in their tooltips. Fixed.

-Previously, the health of many directly-placed ships was counting upwards too slowly, and then jumping to full at the end. Fixed.

-In recent releases, the estimated build times for ships was always off from the actual build time when higher-tier engineers were used. Fixed.

-Corrected several parts of the in-game credits.

-Previously, forcefield auras and a few other calculations were not being adjusted properly when the game state was paused and the ships were paused/unpaused or otherwise altered. Fixed.

-Previously, if cutlasses/vampires were locked onto a target, it could be very difficult to get them to give them wormhole commands and actually have them carry those commands out. Fixed.

-There was previously an annoying issue where the tooltip from the main menu might still be visible (and in the way) when clicking into sub-menus. Fixed.

-Previously, warheads that were targeted on an enemy were not always exploding right when they hit the enemy. Fixed.

-Previously, engineers would not automatically repair ships that were in low-power mode. Additionally, they would often do nothing at all if there were damaged ships in low power mode nearby. Fixed so that now they prefer to repair ships that are not in low power mode, but the other two issues are resolved.

-Previously, mobile repair stations were unable to repair ships in low-power mode. Fixed.

-Previously, mobile repair stations could erroneously be used to accelerate build queues. Fixed.

-Some improvements to how the game over state is calculated have been made. This allows for the game to continue for a team if the only player with a home command station is disabled.

-Previously, teleport battle stations and teleport raiders were not properly being disabled as ship types when those options were turned off in the lobby. Similarly, eyebots were not being disabled when cloaking was disabled.

-Previously, disabling cloaked or teleporting ships in the lobby was not disabling all the appropriate types for the AIs. Fixed.

-Previously, the warning message for still-constructing command stations that were under attack was incorrect. Fixed.

-Unsupplied command stations were previously flashing and giving warning messages that were incorrect. Fixed.

-There was previously a bug when tugs had tractored a ship that escaped to a new planet just as the other ship was being tractored. Fixed.

-Previously, enemy force fields were visible through the fog of war. Fixed.

-Previously, AI waves coming from core/home planets were always a Mark IV/V mix. Fixed.

-Previously, space tugs that were set in attack-move or free-roaming defender mode would dance around in a very unhelpful way while waiting at the repair station for the repair station to do its work. Fixed.

-Previously, the mouseovers on the resource bar were not working properly in galaxy view. Fixed.

-Previously, sometimes the hover text would be for a different unit than what was selected when the mouse button was clicked. Fixed.

-Previously, sometimes the splash screen could get in the way of the license key entry data screen. Fixed.

-Previously, groups of low-power ships would form superships when ordered to move to a destination together. Fixed.

-Previously, it was possible for players to accidentally send themselves into negative energy by building groups of ships simultaneously. Fixed.

-Previously, multiple exo-force-fields could be placed on one harvester, which then caused various problems. Fixed.

-Attack-moving or Free-Roaming ships that were moving back to their base position in a group would also be very indecisive about their pathing. Fixed.

-Paused energy reactors were showing some outdated and confusing messages about their status. Fixed.

-Previously, when ships were destroyed while in low power mode, they were not being properly removed from the list of low-power units. They ceased showing up in the list, but kept showing up in the count. Fixed.

-Previously, when part of the Arial font was missing on the user's computer, but part of it was present, the game would crash (if the entire font was missing, the game would use another Sans-Serif font and move on). This is a basic behavior of .NET Windows Forms and cannot be overridden for designer-created files. However, the game will now popup a better error message, with easy instructions for how to resolve this issue when it occurs (just look in the Fonts subfolder in the AI War folder, and install them from there).

-Previously, there was a slight difference in the clickable area of the planetary summary icons, compared to the area in which the icon would highlight. Fixed.

-Fixed another very rare crash when changing music tracks.


-A HUGE thanks to Lars Bull for his awesome work in making the game localization-enabled. This was an enormous task, and not having to devote my own time to it has helped accelerate 1.301 and 2.0.

-Thanks to Lars Bull for reporting the issue with snipers attacking force fields, for suggesting the enhancements to the Totals button in the galaxy map, for reporting the bug with ships being selected when planets are clicked on the galaxy map, for reporting the sizing issue of exo-forcefields on crystal harvesters, for reporting the issue with removing units from the selected group, for reporting the minor localization error in part of the intermediate tutorial, for reporting the minor glitches with the in-game credits, for sugesting that parasites be unable to capture ships that the player's current energy cannot support, for reporting the issues with engineers that try to repair low-power ships, for suggesting that mark iii AI force fields become mobile again, for reporting the issue with force fields being visible through the fog of war, for suggesting that vampire/cutlass target seek range be lowered, and that melee ship ranges be shown as attack ranges, for suggesting that the bounding circles be shown for to-be-placed ships, for reporting hte issue with Attack-moving or Free-Roaming ships that were moving back to their base position in a group.

-Thanks to ldlework for suggesting that scrolling be disabled when the in-game menu is visible, for suggesting the Player # Kills column on the high scores list.

-Thanks to dumpsterKEEPER for suggesting that the black holes have a random starting rotation in the galaxy map, for reporting the issue with building ships smoking as if damaged, for suggesting that ships not prefer targets that are not autotargeted, for reporting a spelling mistake in a prerelease, for reporting the display issue with the backgroung box behind incoming wave warnings, for reporting the inaccuracy of the hover text on command stations regarding destroyed planets, for reporting the misordering of a number of achievements, for suggesting the improvements to the Team Income display.

-Thanks to darke for suggesting the tachyon drone buffs, for inspiring the changes to how the AI home planet reinforcements are handled, for suggesting the reduction in energy cost of autocannon minipods, for suggesting that ion cannons be immune to nuclear blasts, for suggesting that laser turrets have a scaling cost, for suggesting moving tachyon beams to the turrets tab, for suggesting that core turrets no longer require supply, for suggesting the rebalancing of many of the warheads, for suggesting the command station II and III balance updates, for suggesting the reprioritization of targeting ships without supply, for suggesting that starships do less damage to warheads, for suggesting the strong/weak not yet compiled text change, for suggesting that ships have differening acceleration rates, for reporting the issue with shots targeting disabled force fields, for reporting another broken map seed, for suggesting the changes to AF population on the smallest maps, for suggesting that guard post makeup be less homogenous, for reporting the issue with cheats causing achievements to award repeatedly, for reporting the issue with pausing forcefields while paused not showing the aura updated, for reporting the outdated messages on paused energy reactors, for reporting the second rare crash when switching music tracks.

-Thanks to Shadow Hornet for reportig the crash bug with the control group assignment.

-Thanks to quickstix for reporting the performance issues with the old nebula algorithm on some planets on some GPUs.

-Thanks to Kalzarius for suggesting the enhancements to the "Last Seen" entry on the planetary summary, for suggesting the nerf of turrets damaging warheads, for suggesting the improvements to the concentration of fire of multi-shot ships, for reporting the issue with pausing/unpausing affecting placement mode, for reporting the super rare crash bug when changing music tracks, for reporting the visibility issue with ships that are under construction and flashing in far zoom, for reporting the bug with home planets not being remembered correctly from very old savegames, for reporting the incorrect tooltip for fortresses, for reporting the build time inacuraccies, for reporting the issue with warheads not always detonating when hitting their targets, for reporting the mouseover/click selection discrepancy.

-Thanks to liq3 for reporting the issue with the cutlass regen being too low, for reporting the issue with engineers being unable to assist docks, for suggesting the Blind ability for warheads, for suggesting that when mine layers rebuild mines it no longer make the mine placement sound, for reporting the issue with cutlasses ignoring wormhole move orders in favor of attacking more ships, for reporting the issue with the repair rates, for suggesting the sniper buffs, for reporting the issue with tugs picking up force fields, for reporting the issue with cutlasses going through wormholes.

-Thanks to RCIX for reporting the confusion with the old short name of shield bearers, for suggesting the Player Most Built column on the high scores list, for reporting the issue with shield bearers being damaged by allied shots from under themselves, for reporting the flipped bomber buy/tech buttons, for reporting the fortress collision priority mismatch, for reporting the issue with the new core bomber graphic rotation, for reporting the bug with multiple exo-ffs being assigned to a single harvester.

-Thanks to Rogue for suggesting the settings option for disabling force field rotation.

-Thanks to Valarauka for suggesting that Exo-Shields be renamed to Exo-Force-Fields, for suggesting a clear preferred targets button, for suggesting the ctrl-click placement of harvester exo-force-fields.

-Thanks to Echo35 for reporting the naming error with Counter-Dark-Matter Turrets in the prereleases in the tech menu, for suggesting the improvement to the countdown timer on incoming waves, for reporting the issues with cut off text in the settings screen, for reporting the outdated installer slideshow images, for reporting the naming error with Basic Turrets in the prereleases in the tech menu, for reporting the issue with metal harvester health counting upwards incorrectly while they were being built.

-Thanks to kjara for suggeting the buff to spider turret engine damage once their cost was increased, for suggesting the improvement to the engine damage text, for reporting the extra debug messages, for suggesting the penalties to snipers against resources, for suggesting several additions to the collision priority chain, for suggesting that turrets do half damage against other turrets and against tractor beams, for reporting the bug in a prerelease with being able to build too many harvesters, for reporting the issues with the F1 display on 768-high monitors, for reporting the issue with mobile repair stations being able to assist queues, for reporting the issue with the warning message for still-constructing command stations that were under attack, for reporting the bug when tugs had tractored a ship that escaped to a new planet just as the other ship was being tractored.

-Thanks to irongamer for suggesting the message to clients unable to connect to a host.

-Thanks to Ashery for reporting the ion cannon overkill.

-Thanks to Oewyn for reporting the raptors circle-strafing exploit, and for reporting the raptor minimum-range bugs, for suggesting the reduction of the sniper turret bonuses, for reporting the bugs with loading certain stats and with loading savegames with ships heading for transports but not in them, for suggesting that tractor beams be their own class separate from turrets, for reporting the issue with building harvesters on planets you don't own, for reporting the issue with the expenses by player tab not refreshing correctly in tandem with the players dropdown, for reporting the ships wandering issue in some prereleases, for reporting the exo-shield insta-death in some prereleases, for reporting the issue with tugs picking up force fields, for reporting the imbalance with tractor beams in the prereleases, for reporting that in prereleases the exo-force-fields were not showing their protection aura over their protected ships, even though they were properly protecting the ships, for suggesting the buff to tachyon beam emitters, for suggesting the improvement to zooming in the graphs, for reporting the inconsistency in the clickable/hover area in the planetary summary.

-Thanks to Desmond Kaplan for reporting the issue with non-military ships being selected with the N+2 or N+3 or N+1 filters.

-Thanks to Calvin Southwood for suggesting the ship positioning priorities, for reporting the issues with unsupplied command stations constructing, for reporting the issue with low-power ships forming superships when moving together.

-Thanks to Velox for reporting the drifting repair stations, for reporting the issue with buildings getting created at the wrong location when placed, for reporting that repair stations could not repair ships that were in low-power mode, for reporting the dancing ship collision, for reporting the issues with tugs in attack-move or FRD modes, for reporting the issue with CTRL-building harvesters potentially causing the energy to go negative, for suggesting that the counter-shooter ranges be shown in placement mode, for suggesting the buff to minelayer durability, for reporting the issue with mines not always leaving remains.

-Thanks to fibio for reporting the issue with there being too few ARSes on 40-planet maps.

-Thanks to keith.lamothe for reporting the issue with tractor beams not being able to capture tachyon-revealed cloaked ships.

-Thanks to Bumster for suggesting that transports be their own ship type, for reporting the issue with holding shift and placing ships for disabled allies.

-Thanks to Andrew Leach for reporting the issues with the cloaked and teleporting options in the lobby.

-Thanks to Haagenti for suggesting the improvement to the K key functionality.

-Thanks to Coded One for reporting the game crash when the system copy of the Arial font was corrupt.

-Thanks to Calvin Southwood and Lars Bull for reporting the issue with the Killed With column.

-Thanks to liq3 and darke for suggesting that scouts no longer be affected by negative energy balances.

-Thanks to liq3 and Haagenti for suggesting the nerf to raiders.

-Thanks to Admiral, Volatar, and kjara for suggesting the addition of the altplanetnames.txt functionality.

-Thanks to Atesc, spelk, Revenantus, eRe4s3r, Tankor Smash, and RCIX for contributing ideas for achievements.

-Thanks to Idlework, Volatar, and darke for contributing ideas to the new style of wormhole egress.

-Thanks to Magitek, darke, Revenantus, Oewyn, Haagenti, RCIX, and Gankenstein for reporting the crash bug with lost graphics devices.

-Thanks to Oewyn and Revenantus for suggesting that build queues retain their built counts for items that are reordered.

-Thanks to darke and kjara for suggesting the change to how the starship constructor icon is handled.

-Thanks to NewName, Revenantus, Fiskbit, and Michael Park for reporting and helping to diagnose the poor savegame transfer performance.

-Thanks to darke and RCIX for reporting the wrong wave level problem.

-Thanks to dumpsterKEEPER and Admiral for suggesting the addition of the energy section to the resoures display on galaxy map intel summaries.

-Thanks to Echo35 and Lars Bull for reporting the low power mode counts getting incorrect.

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