AI War:4.021 Release

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Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed typo in some tutorial text.
    • Thanks to SInflux for the report.
  • Zenith mirror "everybody gets this bonus against me" reduced from 40 to 10, health reduced to 1/4th of what it was. The only real impact from this should be that none of the mirrors are immune to blades, as the mkIII, IV, and V ones were recently. Also makes them a bit less of a farm for zenith viral shredders due to the lower health to eat.
    • Thanks to orzelek for the report.
  • Military Command Stations now have 5x normal health instead of 2x, and have 8x the attack power they used to (2x for a buff, 4x that to account for the fact that they're almost always under a forcefield and get that 75% penalty).
    • Thanks to orzelek for the suggestion.
  • Turrets can now receive a munitions boost of up to 1.0x, up from 0.4x. This lets them get full benefit from the MkII and MkIII Military Command Stations (mil stations provide 0.2x, 0.5x, and 1.0x planet-wide munitions boosts).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause errors to be thrown on the Stats window when opening it with one or more of the expansions not installed.
    • Thanks to Echo35 for reporting.
  • The direct connect window now automatically strips out whitespace and newlines that might accidentally be copy-and-pasted into that box (like the license key boxes already do).
    • Thanks to Dazio for suggesting.
  • Due to improvements late in the beta, it turns out that the panning of sound effects between speakers was no longer even needed. So now it's been removed.
    • Thanks to Baleur for suggesting.
  • The old version of the game manual was still being distributed with 4.0. Whoops, fixed.
    • Thanks to dlcooper for reporting.
  • Made AIRouting.SendReinforcements paranoid-ly protected against null reference exceptions, due to a recent OSX crash report. Added a couple other paranoia-checks in AICommand, too. In all these cases it will log the event to "FailedAssertions.txt", return out of the method with the problem, and try to continue the game. If you see that you have a FailedAssertions.txt, please report the contents to us (via the mantis tracker, preferably).
    • Thanks to Sherlock for the reports of the crashes.
  • Flak Guardian attack power from 3000*mk => 1500*mk, bonus against turrets from 6.0x => 0.5x (flak isn't supposed to do much to hardened targets).
  • Fixed bug preventing auto-targeting of hybrid facilities.
    • Thanks to zebramatt for the report.
  • Fixed typo in a tip of the day.
    • Thanks to Ymihere for the report.
  • Fixed some errors in the reference tab of the stats screen, wasn't properly protecting against null exceptions. These wouldn't crash the game or even really be all that noticeable, but they might have been gumming up the works in other ways.
    • Thanks to CMaster for the report that helped us find this.
  • Updated Laser Turret description.
    • Thanks to unclean for the report.
  • Graphics for the AI Raider Guardians, Laser Guardians, and Carriers might not have been included with all 4.000 installs of the game. They are added in now to fix those cases.
    • Thanks to dlcooper for reporting.

(Released October 28th, 2010)