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An AI homeworld is a planet housing an AI Home Command Station. There are always two of them in each game and the ultimate objective is to destroy both command stations.

On the galaxy map, an AI Homeworld has a bigger star and a larger halo (white or red if alerted).

At galaxy generation, one is always seeded the furthest possible from the Human homeworlds. The second is seeded as far as possible as both the Human homeworlds and the first AI homeworld.

An AI homeworld is always Mark V, and the only kind of AI planet able to be Mark V. All planets adjacent to an AI homeworld are MkIV Core Worlds, subject to other special rules.

On an AI homeworld, all Guard Posts are replaced with Core Guard Posts. Some of them are Brutal Guard Posts, and their quantity depends on the controlling AI's Difficulty. These kinds of guard posts all protect their local Command Station, like the Command Station Shield Guard Post. Moreover, all guard posts on AI homeworlds are invulnerable while at least one Core Shield Generator network is still alive.

An AI homeworld has at least one Orbital Mass Driver and one Core Warhead Interceptor. It has no Warp Gate but the Command Station itself serves as a warp gate. The Home Command Station is always (no matter the difficulty) closely surrounded by two Force Fields Mark V, one Fortress Mark III and an Exo-Galactic Wormhole. The Home Command Station emits a planetary Tachyon field.

When an AI homeworld is attacked, the controlling AI is allowed to spend all its Strategic Reserve on it.

An AI homeworld is not eligible for housing a Planetary Subcommander or a Core Shield Generator.