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AI Progress is a sort of resource that is listed on the HUD next to other resources like hacking or knowledge. This value represent how concerned the AI is about humans, how dedicated it is to their destruction, and represent an overall variable difficulty of the game.


The detonation of Warheads increase AIP depending on the kind of warhead.

The Auto AIP is a game option set in the lobby that periodically increases AIP. The advised average is +1 AIP per 30 minutes.



The AIP floor is a minimum value for AIP. If the balance is lower than the floor, the floor is used as the current AIP value instead.

The floor raises as the total increases, and some other events can directly raise it. There is no way to reduce the floor.


The AI uses the AIP in many calculations. The more AIP, the stronger the AI gets.

The AI gains new ship types as AIP raises. It also influence the Mark and number of ships for waves, cross planet attacks, and reinforcement.